A Romantic Getaway

You and your mother decided to go away for the weekend, under the guise of looking at a few school in the city. You get a place downtown, hours from home, and your both emboldened by the distance from home, holding hands and kissing as you unpack the car. You just look like a cougar and her boy toy, honestly. No one would think of the truth – how could they? It’s so wrong… Laying in bed that first evening, your mother beckons you to come closer, to make love to her. Looking down at her as you press inside your own mother’s wet, welcoming quim, she talks about the first time, how good it felt, how you always go so deep and hard inside her. You watch her face, a mask of pleasure, as you fuck her, as she dirty talks you. You love it when she calls herself mom, drawing attention to how dirty and wrong it all is. You love the way her pussy gushes when she talks about what a dark secret you share. She begs for your cum on her tits, you love seeing her breasts, the same ones you sucked on so innocently years before, coated in your cum. There is nothing dirtier than the love you have for your mother.

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