BellaBates – A One-Night Stand With Mommy

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You are going with your mommy to your cousin’s wedding, but your bags get lost on the flight. You have to spend one night in a hotel where there was only one room left, with one double bed. Your mommy doesn’t have a change of clothes and she wants to wash her clothes, she offers to wash yours too, but asks you to borrow your undershirt for the night. You tend to masturbate every night before going to bed so you can s-leep. But now you didn’t dare. Because of this, you have a big boner all night. Your mom wakes up to your hard cock between her thighs. You tell her the reason why you can’t s-leep and why your cock is so hard. Your mom wants you to be able to s-leep, so she suggests you rub your cock between her thighs. “There’s probably nothing wrong with it if it doesn’t go in?” she guesses. In the morning you have a big boner again… Your mom lets you fuck between the thighs again… and maybe a couple of times in one other place as well. As long as this happens just once, in this hotel room and will remain a secret between you and your mommy only.

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