Clover Baltimore – Mom Gets Son Ready For Prom

I was so happy, i got a date to prom. i asked a girl named ashley that i had a huge crush on and she actualy said yes. mom was helping me build my confidence and it was really paying off. she had some strange methods, like making me practice jerking off and holding of on cumming for as long as i could. mom said girls wanted guys who could last a long time, she even stripped to her bra and panties and tease me while i jerked off. i was super happy about having a date so i went home and told my mom right away, i knew my dad was still at work so i figured it was safe to ask her some more questions. mom was super happy for me and said i could ask her anything. i told her my friends were talking about handjobs and how we all might get them after prom. mom tried to explain it to me but i ended up asking her if she could just show me. she said yes and told me to got take my pants off and lay on bed. mom stripped to her bra and panties and told me to hold off on cumming as long as i could. my beautiful mom gives one hell of a handjob!

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