clubdinasky – Mom Takes Sons Virginity

clubdinasky – Mom Takes Sons Virginity
You are in the laundry room, sniffing through mom’s dirty panties, you weren’t suppose to be home but you just couldn’t help yourself, you didn’t want to go out with your friends because you’d feel like the third wheel, still no girlfriend and horny as ever, your turned on by your mother and the smell of her makes you instantly hard. I, you mom, walk in, (nothing but a black silk robe on & panties) to do a load of laundry, dropping the basket instantly seeing you with your hand around your cock and my panties in the other. I turn away and tell you to cover up, momma isn’t suppose to see that. Dad’s having a small party and bunch of his friends are going to be here soon, you shouldn’t be here, nor should you be doing that, grabbing my panties from your hand, at first rather upset I confront you about it but you eventually admit to me everything and that your still a virgin and inexperienced. I switch gears and become the loving mommy and realize that maybe I should be the one taking care of that for you, originally only intending on showing you my big beautiful breasts and jerking you off, wouldn’t want you to go out with a raging hard on, but you ask for more, you ask for a blowjob, I couldn’t do that that is forbidden and so taboo, but something has come over me and I just can’t help myself I suddenly feel the urge to wrap my lips around your cock. I get on my knees and suck you sensually and sexy, looking up at you, and tell you I want you to fuck mommy before you cum, I want to take your virginity. I am so worked up myself I just have to have it. I guide you into what to do, turning over and lifting my robe for you to slide right it (POV), first from behind trying to keep quiet and then I tell you to let me climb on top bouncing those big tits in your face, dad’s home, I hear the water running, we have to be quiet and quick. I climb onto the washer and spread and let you slide back into my mommy’s warm wet pussy, my tits swaying and my head back, mommy feels so good as you fuck me, I convince you to just keep going and just cum inside of momma that’s right my son, cum inside of me, you can’t hold it much longer and do as I ask, blowing your thick load of cum deep inside of me. I let it drip out some and show you what you did to mommy, feeling satisfied and happy, I throw you the panties as a souvenir. We come up with a plan so your dad doesn’t know we were in here together, you go out first, and then ill clean up and leave after, we were close to getting caught a few times, such a small room, hard for me to keep quiet, but mom’s gotta take care of her son.

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