Kitty LeRoux – Mommys pregnant with your baby

You recently graduated college and now you’re returning home and to your beautiful mother. She was young when she had you, but she’s done an exceptional job raising you. When you find her cleaning up the room that you’ll be staying in, you are shocked when she turns around and her belly is HUGE. Your mother is…VERY pregnant. You can’t help but notice her rubbing her pregnant belly as she talks to you. “I guess we have two things to celebrate tonight.” We?? You are utterly confused, but she takes you back to the night before you left for your last year. You were both a bit tipsy when you came home and your inhibitions were lost. As you remember what happened, she tells you all about how she actually planned this! She had been indirectly seducing you for months while you were home that summer! “Don’t worry, I’m on birth control, I won’t get pregnant.” You remember her saying it…and here you are now, standing with your mother in front of you, exceptionally pregnant, glowing- gorgeous. You aren’t even angry…she looks so…sexy. As she tells you all about the changes she’s been going through, you are getting so aroused! Her tits got huge and heavy. “I wished you were here to help me relieve the aching and sensitivity.” She notices that you’re turned on and she is so relieved that you aren’t mad at her. “How about we make up for lost time?” Your mom wants on top of you so badly, exasperated that she hasn’t had real dick in months. She can’t even see your cock slide in because of her huge pregnant belly…but she can feel you and OH it feels so good. “My hormones have been driving me wild, and I can’t even really reach down there!” You are the first orgasmic release she’s had in months, and you can’t help but cum when she erupts into an amazing climax. “So good….just like all those months ago.”

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