Lady Fyre – Super Snow Day with Mom

You wake up early for school & see mommy masturbating on the couch. She’s been waiting for you to get out of bed so she can tell you the good news: You have a snow day! She asks what kind of fun things you want to do today. Bake cookies? Watch cartoons? “Let’s start with hot cocoa,” she says, and tells you to enjoy the Christmas tree while you wait. When she comes back she touches your footie pajamas & starts rubbing against you, which of course makes your morning wood even harder. She notices & says, “This will be our first Snow Day activity” as she starts jerking you off & gives you a blowjob. You have the best mother. “Since it’s a special occasion”, she says, “you can have sex with mommy,”… as if you need a special occasion. Your mom often gives you her wet, tight pussy when you’re horny. But today mom is horny too, so she wants to do lots of positions. She climbs onto your throbbing morning erection & puts you inside her. She rides your young cock in cowgirl & reverse cowgirl. “We can even bake cookies later. Would you like that?” The prospect of warm, sugary cookies excites you, as does getting to spend the whole day with mom. You don’t dread time with your mother like some of your friends, but they probably don’t have a horny mother who loves having sex with her son. “This is so cool,” you think as you get close to orgasm. Now mom wants to try a new position in honor of Snow Day. She says it’s kind of like d0.ggystyle but sideways. You enjoy this position but decide that missionary also feels amazing. It’s so cool that your mom lets you experiment with her body, and she enjoys it too. “Remember to tell me before you cum,” mom says, and she cums hard on your cock. Mom can tell by the look on your face that you’re about to cum too, so she pulls you out & jerks you off until you explode on her breasts, stomach & pussy. This is going to be the hottest snow day in history.

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