Mother is vulnerable

Rachel Steele has just lost her husband , whom she was married to for many years, she goes into a depression and starts drinking and staying out late. She’s lonely and misses her husband and her son is only there to comfort her through this trying time. One day he confinds in her that he’s always been a little more fond of his mother than she knew about. He presses his luck with her one day in the kitchen propping her up on the kitchen counter and kisses her and feels her up a little too. Rachel is shocked by this allows it to continue , next thing you know they are upstairs and he undresses her and her son is only too happy to satisfy her needs licking her big breasts and then her pussy, over and over he licks her and inserts his fingers deep inside her warm pussy. Finally she can take no more and goes down on him as weel giving him a short but wonderful Blowjob. Finally they fuck doing it doggy style then him on top and then he cums deep inside her


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