Natashas Bedroom – Seducing My Hesitant Son

Sweetie, you’re home! Oh, come give me a hug. I’m so proud of my big college boy, getting all A’s and still finding time to come visit your mom. I’m sure you can imagine how lonely I’ve been since your dad took that new job across the country. I baked your favorite cookies as a surprise, and, well, I have another surprise, too. It’s under my satin robe.

See this beautiful lingerie? I’m wearing it just for you, son. Don’t look so shocked! I want to reward you for the amazing job you’ve done in school, and I want to make this a visit you’ll never forget. Plus, mom needs to touch a big strong man’s body more than you can imagine. I know you’re hesitant, but the reluctance will wash away after mommy teases you with her welcoming cleavage and a warm, sweet blow job.

See, doesn’t that feel nice? What – you’re still not sure if its a good idea? Oh honey, just close your eyes, let mommy bend over, and then plunge your cock deep into her tight little pussy. Good boy. Now bab.y, don’t you love how my wet pussy grips your cock like it’s begging for more? Now I want you to explode into me and fill up my pussy with your delicious cream.


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