Olivia Blu – A Mother A Son And A New Life

Scene One: Mommy Dries Me Off
Mom, wearing only a short bathrobe opens the kitchen door and waves me in, “Would you get in here! What are you doing playing out there all wet? Are you crazy? Come with me to the bathroom and quit dripping on the floor.” I follow her down the hall to the bathroom. When we get into the bathroom, she kneels in front of me and says, “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes before you catch cold. I swear!” She undresses me. She stops, very briefly looks at my pecker and quickly makes eye contact and then quickly away guiltily. Without speaking, she briskly dries me off while making a show of looking away from him. She dries my hair; she makes eye contact and then looks at my dick, she looks back in my his eyes and starts running her hands all over my chest and shoulders. She drops the towel and takes my pecker in her hands and lightly playing with it. She gets a look of wonder and love in her eyes and switches between eye contact and looking at my dick while playing with my dick. She stops, makes the eye contact, kisses me several times lightly, slips the bathrobe off her shoulders and gives me a handjob. Afterwards she gets up and guides me out of the bathroom by the hand.

Scene Two: Mommy is Waiting
The door to the kitchen opens. Mom, wearing only shorts and a blouse/shirt that buttons up in front is sitting at the kitchen table. She turns to me and says delightedly, “Hey baby you’re home! Come here!” She kneels in front of me and gives me a hug. She asks, “Did you miss Mommy at school today? I thought about you all day.” while stroking his hair. She stares into my eyes with a look of love and wonder for a moment. She again looks into my eyes and removes her blouse and undoes her shorts, not removing them just undoing them enough to show her pussy. She switches back and forth from jerking my cock and blowing me and rubbing my dick all over her tits while playing with herself. I cum on her tits, Her mouth laughingly drops open, her eyes widen, smiling broadly she says, “I can’t believe you came that much!”

Scene Three: Touching Mommy
I am in bed, Mommy comes in, smiles and motions me to come with her. We go into the living room. She sits on the couch, smiles and says, “Will you do something for me honey? Take you pajamas off and let Mommy look at you.” Brief pause, the time it takes me to take off my pjs. She stares at my dick for a good 30 seconds. Slowly she starts to rub between her legs. She takes off her clothes and leans back and starts to masturbate quickly and with great vigor. She says frantically and excitedly, “Do you like that honey? Do you like looking at Mommy play with her pussy? Do you like looking at Mommy’s pussy? Play with your dick, play with your dick for Mommy. Mommy loves you so much, oh let me see you play with your dick.” She keeps talking and masturbating until she and I Son cum. She motions me over and we lay on the couch together. She kisses me a little bit more passionately then usual and says, “I’m the luckiest mother in the world having a son like you.”

Scene Four: In Her Bed
I am sitting on the couch watching TV, Mommy comes into the living room, smiles at me and waves for me to come with her. We go into her bedroom and she sits on the edge of the bed. She asks, “Honey, Mommy loves you very much, you know that don’t you?” She smiles and says, “That’s wonderful honey! And have you been having a good time with Mommy?” “That’s great honey. Would you like to do something special today? Okay but I’ve never done this before with anyone but your Father. ” She gets up, tells him to undress and undresses herself kind of semi-stripping. She spins around asks if he thinks she is beautiful, smiles at his answer, lays on the edge of the bed with her legs spread and feet on the floor. She motions for me to come closer. We have sex; during the sex she smiles very lovingly at me. She jerks up when she cums, staying in partially raised position for a few seconds from a long orgasm. A few minutes later, we are laying face to face on the bed with our heads on our pillows. She strokes my hair. She tells me, “I love you so much, you are the most wonderful son in the world. I wish every son was like you. I am so in love with you. I want everyday to be like this.”

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