Sarah Vandella – Mom Collects Sperm Sample For Rent Payment

Conor Coxxx sits on the couch as his Mom, Sarah Vandella, sits on the couch with him… and tells him about her bad day. Sarah lost her job today, and they have been behind on rent. Sarah doesn’t want to go back to her old ways of making money – so she tells Conor he needs to prove he’s a man. Sarah tells Conor she needs his semen, because a lot of people will pay top dollar for it. She gets on her knees with a collection cup and strokes Conor’s cock until he cums for her. Sarah collects all of Conor’s cum and gets ready to send it off to be sold.

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Natalie Wonder – The Greatest Gift Mom And Son Go For Round Two

We haven’t been home alone like this in months since -mommy had your baby. Thanks goodness we found a babysitter. We only have two hours with the house all to ourselves. Mmmmm I’ve missed being naked and so close with you. Imagine the babysitter knew the baby was ours? It’s practically unheard of and so taboo of course…a -son getting his mom pregnant. We couldn’t help falling in love and sharing that deep love with each other. Remember those naughty nights baby? It’s been so long since we’ve had alone time. You look especially handsome today. Come kiss me baby. I’ve missed this so much. I almost came from that kiss! I’m beyond horny. I’ve been counting down the days of when we could fuck again. Mmmmmm and make love. I love you so much baby. My pussy is yearning to feel your cock again. But today, I want to feel your cock in both my pussy and in my ass. We don’t get much help with the baby and once the babysitter comes back we don’t know when we’ll be able to fuck again. Let’s take advantage of this special, intimate time together. Mmmm fuck both mommy’s holes. We can get as loud as we want. I’d love to fuck in different positions too. Slide your hard cock in my pussy first. Then I’ll turn around for you so you can fuck my ass. Give it to me good from behind. I want to feel your warm hips thrusting against my ass. But try not cumming in my ass…I want to feel your hot load cum in my pussy while I’m on top. Mmmmm sweetie your warm balls are so full of cum. There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. I’d love it if we had another baby. Inseminate me with your potent seed. I love you and I love getting filled with your hot cum. Give mommy your strong sperm. Make a baby inside me again. Let’s go for round.

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Natalie Wonder – The Greatest Gift

Ohhhhh baby…your fingers feel amazing. You got mommy soaking wet. I love that you take your time getting my body ready. Guess what mommy needs now? That nice big hard cock of yours. My pussy is swollen…my clit is so huge & right on the edge of cumming. But not yet. I want to cum while you’re fucking me. Mmmmm there’s that cock mommy loves so much…thrusting in & out of me…penetrating me deeper each time. I’m so close to cumming. Harder, harder…please fuck me harder I’m going to cum ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkk. That was so good. Start pumping me again. You want to cum so badly, don’t you baby. But wait, stop. Actually…don’t pull out this time. Cum inside me. Yes, I know, mommy can get pregnant. I’ve been thinking about this sweetie…I want it. I want to have a baby with my boy. Deep down, I know you want it too. I can feel your desire to have a baby with mommy. Our love is like no other. Mmmm there you go…fuck your mom good until you drain every single drop of hot sperm inside my fertile pussy.

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Cyndi Sinclair – Bros Trick Mom Into Hidden Cam Threesome

Patrick and his brother, Conor, stand in the hallway, plotting on how to get rid of their Mom. Patrick tells Conor if they seduce her and fuck her, record it, and show it to their Dad – he may finally kick her out, and they will be rid of her forever! Conor is hesitant at first, but he’s willing to try it if Patrick really thinks it can work. Patrick and Conor walk in the living room to their Mom, Cyndi Sinclair, and they sit next to her on the couch. The boys insinuate that they want to fool around with their Mom, and Cyndi is entertaining the idea. She stands and strips for them, and Patrick and Conor get hard. Cyndi starts to suck their cocks, and fucks them both right there on the couch at the same time. After they finish and cum all over her – the boys tell Cyndi there was a hidden camera the whole time, and they are showing the video to their Dad!

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Penny Barber – Magic Word Gets You Moms Tits

I really think it is time we had a discussion about your attitude and your manners, young man. Would it really be so difficult to treat me with respect and maybe even say Please and Thank You sometimes? I would be so much more willing to help you out if you just asked nicely. Will I please show you my tits? Very funny, mister. If that’s how you want to play it then fine by me. Please take off my panties? How far are you willing to take this? I did promise I would be willing to help you more if you said please but I did not expect you to use the magic word to make me into a sex toy.

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Payton Hall, Sofie Marie – 2 Horny Moms + 2 Eager Sons = 1 Taboo Orgy

Sexy MILFs Payton Hall and Sofie Marie are sitting on the couch chatting while their sons Conor and Patrick are in the other room playing air hockey. The conversation steers toward how they both feel their sons are incredibly sexy. At the same time, the boys are trash talking back and forth about how they want to fuck each other’s moms. They make a wager that whoever loses has to make out with the other’s mom. Conor loses and then goes to make out with Patrick’s mom, Sofie. It’s not long before Patrick is making out with Conor’s mom, Payton, too. The horny foursome then move to the living room where both mom’s start sucking the others’ son’s cock. Payton and Sofie then fuck their friend’s sons in several positions, before they decide it would be fun for the boys to fuck their own moms. The boys then fuck their own moms until they cum all over their faces. Payton and Sofie finish off by making out with their sons’ cum loads still all around their lips.

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Jessica Starling – Mom Takes Your Virginity

You mommy always said she’d take care of you — and now is no exception. Mommy knows her baby boy has never had sex before. She knows he’s nervous, and he needs mommy to guide him. Mommy approaches you in sexy black lingerie. She’s going to take her sweet boy’s virginity tonight. Mommy pulls out her big, natural tits and invites you to suck on them. She moans while you tongue her pretty pink nipples. Mommy feels her baby boy’s cock getting hard, and she pulls it out and begins to tug. Mommy is getting you ready for her pussy. When you’re ready, she lays you down on the bed and slowly lowers herself on your erection. Mommy’s pussy feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before — wet and silky. She rides your cock slow at first, and builds up faster and faster. She then alternates between fast and slow riding, to make sure her baby boy’s virgin cock doesn’t cum yet. Mommy then invites you on top of her. You eagerly pump into her wet pussy, watching her tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy then begs you to cum inside her pussy, and you fill her up with the first creampie you’ve ever given. Mommy’s baby boy is a natural.

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Emmas Secret Life – Your Perverted Mother Fucks Your Big Cock

I go to wish my son a good night and unexpectedly walk in on him masturbating. I can’t help but stare at his cock in his hand. I can’t believe how big his dick has grew! I get turned on and start telling him to stroke it for me. He seems a little uncomfortable but he starts stroking it. I walk closer and tell him I could give him something to stroke it to. I drop my robe and start fingering myself while he strokes. I’m dripping wet and just can’t take it anymore and get on top of him. I rub his cock on my wet cunt and ask if he wanted more when he says yes I slide down on his thick cock! I ride and dirty talk him till I cum all over his cock and he cums inside of me. I feel instantly ashamed of myself and make him promise that this will be our secret!

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Jessica Starling – Baby Boy Creampies His Mommy

It’s baby boy’s lucky day today, because mommy has some very special plans for you. Mommy is wearing sexy lingerie — but it’s okay that you’re seeing her like this. Mommy is going to make you feel so good today, and she’s going to guide you through all of it. She gets on top of you and starts to grind on your crotch, getting your cock hard. Mommy then asks if her precious baby boy wants her to take his cock out. You eagerly agree, and mommy begins to stroke your shaft, up and down. Then, mommy slides you inside her warm, wet pussy, and starts to bounce on your dick. Mommy is making her baby boy feel so good! You love watching her big titties bounce while she rides you. You burst your load inside of her, then watch it drip out of mommy’s pussy.

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