Ashley Rider – Caught Wanking Let Mommy Help

Ashley is worried she can hear noises coming from her sons room she goes and checks on him and she’s suprised to see her son with his young cock out wanking Ashley is turned on and decides to help her son cum encouraging him to wank over his mom Ashley talking dirty and teasing him showing her tits pussy and Ass I’ll put a show on for you she says and gets her dildo and starts fucking herself in front of him while he wanks hard then she turns around and starts fucking her big toy doggy style looking back at her son wanking his cock getting ready to spunk for her she loves it and is very happy when he cums hard for her with a cheeky smile on her face.

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Mizzerotique – Taboo Ageplay Mommy Doesnt Want It

In this video, mommy is startled when she wakes up to her young boy in her bed. At first all is fine, but her boy has other ideas. He’s recently learned about sex and straddles mommy as she tries to fight him off. Mommy is ovulating and her son just doesn’t care. He uses her roughly and ejaculates inside of her as mommy is stunned trying to get him off of her. Bad boy!

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Sydney Harwin – Devious Mom

Your Mom doesn’t want you to leave her for collage, she wants you to stay with her otherwise she might get lonely, plus she knows that most college boys don’t return to their Momma’s when they meet a girl and start to build a life. She tells you it’s okay, but you can see in her eyes that she’s less than impressed with your decision. You are a little shocked when your Momma wants to say a proper goodbye to you, and it’s more than a kiss on the cheek she’s after… You worry you might get her pregnant, but she reassures you she is on the pill. Even when you hear this news, you are still very reluctant, but your Mom has a way of wrapping you around her finger like nobody else can… What you don’t realise yet, is that your Mother isn’t really on the pill, and her whole plan is to get pregnant by you so that you will be made to stay home and take care of her and your new little sister…daughter together.

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Joslyn Jane – Sensual Massage Of My Sons Best Friend Part 5

My son’s best friend and teammate has really done a number on his hip adductors (groin)! He keeps coming over every day before practice to have me work on it with my hands, but he’s still complaining of pain and discomfort. The last time he came over, I gave him a blowjob so I wouldn’t be late for my next client. I’m nervous about what he’s going to ask me during this session, but I have an inkling this is going to escalate! We start the massage off like we normally do, except he uses our little secret against me to have sex with me! I sit on top of him and bounce my big fat ass on his young cock. Then, he bends me over the massage table and he finishes inside of me.

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Kinky Kristi – Masturbate For Your Mothers Breasts

Mmmm… honey, you woke mommy up with all of that moving around your doing. What exactly are you doing? Oh… I didn’t realize… sweetie… are you… touching yourself right now? You were, weren’t you? Oh it’s ok sweetheart. It’s totally a natural thing for boys to get erections… especially when they were probably staring at their mother’s breasts while lying next to her. Hmmm… it doesn’t quite seem like you know how to do it though. I think the best thing to do is to let mommy guide you and teach you the correct way of masturbating… it will help you and it will help me because I’d really like to go back to bed for a while and I can’t with all of that moving you are doing! So you go ahead and reach down there again. Grab your penis and do exactly as mommy tells you to do. Sure sweetie, you can look at mommy’s big breasts while you are doing it. You are going to keep touching it until you ejaculate and after you do, we are going to cuddle up and get a few more hours of rest.

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Kinky Kristi – Make A Baby With Mommy

Kristi arrives home after work to find her son distraught. She asks him what is wrong and quickly finds out that her son’s girlfriend has just broke up with him. Kristi is a very loving mommy and would do anything for her son so she tries to comfort him. She probes a bit as to the reason for the break up but her son is reluctant to say why. Finally he tells mommy Kristi that the reason for the break up was because he wanted to make a baby with his girlfriend and she was totally against it so she broke up with him on the spot! Mommy wants to make her boy feel better so she quickly thinks up a plan… Why don’t you make a baby with me? She asks her son. It doesn’t take much contemplating before he agrees and they both hurry to bed. Kristi is so excited to make a baby with her son and she promises to be the best mommy ever! She wants her son to put a baby in her belly… she wants to turn into a baby factory for him!

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Sydney Harwin – Pushy Mom

Your mom likes you to take care of her. You have been financially providing for her ever since your father walked out and you have just lost your job. Your mother is less than impressed that you wont be bringing any money into the house for the foreseeable future and shows you how neglected her nails are, and reminds you that she has very particular spending habits that she just can’t live without. But never mind… She has an idea! If you can’t financially provide for her, you can at least sexually provide for her, considering she is a single mom who is growing increasingly sexually frustrated…

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Stella Sol – Sexually Educational

You’re about to get schooled by your teacher about sex. I know you’ve been masturbating in class and even cumming underneath your sweater because you can’t help your obsession with me. You’re getting called out of class and seduced so hot and heavy you’ll never be the same. This is your chance to cum so hard for me so follow my directions, and when I cum you cum.

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Eva Long – Mommy Wants Your Cum

I was just going to spend a quiet night at home. But you came home and caught me, your stepmom, touching myself. I try to laugh it off but you keep looking at me. I get undressed and start playing with your cock. I suck it and lick it. It feels good when I slap it against my tits. I stick it deep inside my pussy and fuck it hard. I cum to a screaming orgasm. This is our little secret.

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