Korina Kova – Fucking My Sons Friend

My sons friend comes over to meet my son but he is not home yet and i’ve just got home from yoga class so I decide to invite him in to wait, we strike up conversation about how long we known each other and how his new girlfriend is treating him. then one thing leads to another and we are having red hot sex. Suddenly I receive a call from my son in the middle of the action and might be busted or not?

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Fiona – Slutty Cum Loving Mama

I am your best friends mama and you are over for a play-date. You are a special boy and I wanna make you feel special – in fact, I wanna be a slutty mama JUST for you! This is a little unconventional because we have a very big age difference, but only special boys like you with GIANT COCKS get such special attention. I lead the way and take care of you in a dominant but loving manner because I want you to please me with your little guy gigantic dick! I show you what being a naughty, slutty lil mama is all about. I strip down for you and fuck you all sorts of ways, just to show you what a cute little guy like YOU deserves from a hot MYLF like me. You and I are going to keep being “friends” for a long time if you keep letting me fuck you like this, little boy!

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Fiona – Your Best Friends MYLF

You are my sons friend over for a party, and you come in to ask me for some snacks. I was actually in the middle of getting dressed and I start to see how hard you’re getting! Well, I guess you can’t help it considering your age and all. Boys will be boys and teen boys tend to get hard quick! Being the hott mylf I am… I think we should take advantage of this opportunity. One thing leads to another and woops! we’re fucking! Give me some of that hot cock and we can make this a regular thing.

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Fiona – Hot for Student Taboo

I’m your teacher and although you’ve had a crush on me all year… it’s a surprise to you that… well, I’ve had a crush on you too! You aren’t doing so well in class, so I ask you to stay afterwards so we can work on a couple things. I have a few ideas that may serve as really good motivation for you to do better in school. One thing leads to another and I finally just can’t keep my hands off of you! Telling you how cute you are, how sexy you are even for a much younger guy, how much I’ve been wanting your young cock inside my pussy. I really can’t get enough of you and I’ve been waiting all year to tell you that. You and I have a little sexy time in the classroom, and I know you just love hearing how cute, sexy, and hott you are, especially for being the age that you are (rhymes with shelve), in the grade that you’re in! So hott. I’m really surprised that you haven’t had too many girlfriends by now. Watch out hottie – I might get jealous! But honestly… you just have to promise me one thing if we’re going to keep doing this. So I hope you can promise it to me…. because I definitely want to keep doing this for the rest of the year!

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Tara Tainton – Can You Imagine If You Actually Wanted To Fuck Your Stepmom Right Here And Now

It’s so DISGUSTING. Your friend. It’s SO obvious he wants to fuck me. I can see it in his eyes, in the way he looks at me. Like he wants to EAT me. He just can’t control himself. I bet he was imagining fucking me the entire time he was over and hanging out with you. Since the first moment he laid eyes on me. I didn’t do anything to ask for it. I just happen to be incredibly hot. I mean, YOU – my stepson – would NEVER stare at my tits. Or wish you could just reach out and grab my curvy ass. YOU have never fantasized about fucking me. Definitely not in the ass. You’ve never gotten HARD thinking about ME, your stepmom. That would be…. well, YOU would be disgusting. And what would your father think. If he saw you… now… with your cock out… jerking off while imagining yourself fucking my amazing body…

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