Domination For Your Own Good – Mom Jerks Off Son While On Phone With Dad

Governess Katherine Worthington – – Mom Jerks Off Son While On Phone With Dad
Mom just got a phone call from her husband who is away on business. He wanted to make sure that their son is punished for his terrible report card. Being the loving Mommie that she is, just like everything else she knows she will have to take matters into her own hands and walks into her little boy’s room with Dad on the phone. She assures her husband: “I will take care of this”. Mommie knows exactly what to do.. Instead of grounding her son, she jerks down his underwear, whips out his cock and sits in between his legs with her pantiless, pantyhose covered legs spread wide open around him. She reprimands him while she is on the phone, but is also going to make sure she gets her son’s attention in a way he will never forget. “You’d better be a good boy in school and get those grades up!” she tells her son as she wraps her feet around his hard cock. Mom strokes it up and down as she smiles at her astonished son. Mommie takes care of her boys in whatever way she sees fit. She lays the phone down several times and gets back to her ever loving discipline. She then starts stroking her son’s cock, jerking him off and teasing him while his Dad is on the phone, completely unaware. Her little man can’t hold back anymore and he makes Mommy proud, blowing his load for her. “Yes honey, he is going to study harder.. Mommie took care of everything!”

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Meana Wolf – Got Milf

So nice of you to come over and hang out with my son… oh dear! You pulled a muscle during the game? Well my son will cook dinner and I’ll take a look at it. I’m a massage therapist! You know you’ve really grown since I last saw you. I can’t believe how big you are now… and handsome too! Does it hurt when I press into that upper thigh muscle there? I’m just going to go under your shorts a little bit so I can get in a little closer. Oh my… Don’t let my son see that, his friends are always talking about how much they want to bang me, he doesn’t let them come over anymore. Oh my… It’s so big.

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Sydney Harwin – The Original Sin

Erotic mother/son story told in a unique style. Joi crosses over with virtual elements and masturbation throughout. The original sin goes back to the dawn of time itself. A mothers love for her son… a sons lust for his mother… feel it. Live it. Breathe it as I take you through a memory you wish you could have. If you’d have only had the balls to really do this as a young man… to your lonely, under-appreciated mother. The first love. The first sexual thought. The first touch. The first stiff dick given to a son… by his very own loving mother. Contains full length story with joi throughout. Story contains sex with your mother, mutual oral sex, handjob, lots of kissing and touching, no condom sex, girl on top, standing up fucking, multiple orgasms and more.

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Julie Snow – That Time Your Mom Saw Your Bulge

You didn’t come downstairs for the party, so of course I am concerned about my Son. I come up to your room with a small covered dish of leftovers from the party and ask if you are feeling well, are you okay? You seem sad…. You reveal that you have been having some troubles with your girlfriend and was not feeling in the party mood. I reassure you that this time in your life is not terribly significant, that you will find the perfect relationship when the time comes. I am nurturing and caring, and I genuinely feel for you, but know you will be okay. I also feel that your incredible good looks are an asset, and that you will find a really beautiful girl. You come right back with how attractive I am…and we go back and forth a bit about how the apple did not fall far from the tree and we agree we are both quite easy on the eyes….much giggling and loving talk. But then I reach forward for my glass of wine and my robe parts ever so slightly….but just enough for you to catch a glimpse of my cleavage and the suggestion of a tight body. You physically respond and your boxers show a bulge, and a nice sized one at that. I comment and we heat up to the point of mutual masturbation, and we both cum, but as I am cooling down I notice you are getting hard again. I feel the motherly need to take care of you, as I step in with a glorious hand job, and then my pussy gets so excited that I must straddle you, and with my tight abs and tits in your face, you cum so hard inside of me that you leave me breathless.

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Kinky Kristi – Mommys Gloved Milking Session #2

Honey, it’s time for another milking session. I already have my latex gloves on so let’s go ahead and get started… oh honey! You can’t always protest so much. You know what happens when we miss a milking session. Do I really need to remind you what happened last time? That’s right, this is something you need… so just relax and let mommy milk your penis and get you back to feeling good again. There… see? It always feels so good, doesn’t it? Mommy knows exactly how to touch you… how to make you feel amazing in her skin tight latex gloves. That’s it, just relax and let your orgasm come. It’s going to be a big one! You are going to cum all over mommy’s latex gloves tonight!

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MoRina – Mommy Makes Masturbation Memorable

Your mom comes home earlier than you expected and finds you on the living room sofa with your dick out. She’s caught off guard, a little embarrassed and flustered. Then she goes into full mommy mode where she doesn’t want this experience to damage you. She sits down and tells you that masturbation is beautiful and natural… and as she does, she’s staring at your hard cock. You start to zip your pants up but she insists you should leave it out. She’s clearly intrigued and getting turned on. She decides the best way to teach you the lesson that masturbation is perfectly cool is to masturbate in front of you. She pulls her dress and panties off, shows you mommy’s hairy pussy and tells you to slowly stroke your cock while you watch, because she’s going to instruct you when she’s done. Lesson one is that the woman gets the first orgasm. She rubs her clit until she cums. As promised, she proceeds to give you jerk-off instruction and then a countdown from 10 to help you learn control. As she counts down, she starts masturbating again, and she cums with you, squirting all over her chair! Mom’s the best! She even offers to clean you up… you are going to be momma’s boy forever.

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SmilesofSally – Taboo Mommy Talks Dirty To Son

Mommy is putting on her red lace panties and then she notices someone is watching. Over in the corner is her son sheepishly peeking. But she tells him not to be ashamed, in fact Mommy encourages him to watch. She tells him to come over and take a look at her hairy cunt. Come closer she says and let Mommy be your little slut. She wants you to fill her tight holes and have his fat cock fill inside her bum. Next time maybe he won’t be so shy. Mommy is ready for more.

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Tara Tainton – Theres Nothing Better Than Making Sweet Love With Your Own Mother

I love you… you know it’s true. We have such a special connection. And now, it’s a physical connection. At least weekly – whenever we get the chance – sometimes, much much more often. Sometimes even in the middle of the night when your father is fast asleep. Because I need you. Because you need me. We make intimate love as only a mother and son can and my, have I seen you grow into such a strong, handsome, EXPERIENCED man. You… are the perfect lover. But as we undress and crawl on top of the bed together again, I can tell there’s something bothering you. A mother always knows. And it’s a girl at school, someone who’s coming onto you strong and you’ve realized that you don’t have a clue what it would be like to go out with her, let alone have sex with such a young girl. I’m your mother; I’m here for you in all ways. So, how about a little role play? I’ll show you just what it’s like to be with a bumbling, giggling girl her age. And very quickly, you’ll agree… that there’s nothing sweeter than making TRUE LOVE – with me.

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