Bettie Bondage – Blackmailing Mom Into An Anal Slut

Catching your mother having an affair was the best thing that ever happened to you. Well, to your sex life. You’d think you’d be upset – knowing your mother was cheating on your dad – but honestly, he’s a jerk anyways. And knowing this puts you in the perfect position to get what you’ve always wanted: your mother. You could pretend like that isn’t what you’ve fantasized since you first started pulling your dick, but it’d be a lie. So when you confront her with this intel and let her know the price of your silence, you’re happy to discover that, although reluctant, your whore of a mother obliges. Anything to keep this secret between the two of you. It starts out with simple stuff – handjobs, blowjobs, eventually fucking. But soon you need more. You start to train her to be an absolute slut, to your specific specifications. You want her dressed a certain way, taking cock a certain way. All her holes must belong to you. Today is no exception, as you wake up and demand a blowjob, then come home early to take her pussy. Not yet satisfied, you make her plug her ass and finish the housework before sticking you thick member into her asshole. All the while she’s indignant, telling you how fucked up it is that you make her your personal whore. Yet, she doesn’t stop, and her pussy gets soaking wet whenever you make her take it up the ass. And especially when you make her clean your cock off. Who know your mother was an ass-to-mouth slut? You dreamed that it was so, but seeing it in real life, right before your eyes, is just perfection. You watch your mother ride your cock in her tight ass, taking two loads in her shithole, cleaning your cock after each one. A perfect day, brought to you by your sweet, slutty anal whore of a mother!

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Jocelyn Baker – Annoyed Step Mom Strokes Your Dick

You’re laying back on the couch while you watch your step mom hurriedly get ready for work. She doesn’t know you’re there, so she’s rushing around with only her top & panties on. After one of her nipples begin spilling over her bra you can’t help but instinctively reach down and stroke yourself. Within minutes, your mom notices what you’re doing! She’s pissed. She doesn’t have time to deal with this right now, but to your surprise in her rant she commands you to pull your dick out. You like watching your step mommy so much? Show her. You are in no position to deny your mother, so you do as she says. Within seconds she’s got her hand on your dick – stroking you fast and hard. She makes sure to do her upturned piggy nose for you, seeing as she knows how much you like it from last time she caught you jerking it to her. When you don’t cum in a few minutes, she further commands you to grab her BIG bra that still has your cum stain on it. You oblige and soon she’s stroking you with the bra wrapped around your dick. With her tits bouncing and swaying as she strokes you, her piggy nose, and her giant bra on your cock you can’t hold back..and soon you’re cumming RIGHT into your step mothers hand!

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Korina Kova – My Brave Boy Viking Tale

We are vikings and it’s the first summer since your father passed away in battle and we need to raid the forest to prepare for the winter, I want my boy to lead the way, as we enter a dense area where it is known for good hunting I hear something, it’s the enemies and they spot us, I tell you to run, they gain on us and as I am kneeling behind a rock pile you declare that you will fight, I beg you to be careful and you fight them all off but you are injured in the battle and I come to help you home, as I nurse you back to health you awake to find me in my bra and some fur over you, my boy is so brave and I need to repay you for saving my life, mommys strong brave boy is now the man of the house.

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MoRina – Mom Likes To Watch

You come home to find your mom in her underwear… not that unusual, but today you can tell something is different. She demands that you take your clothes off and sit down in front of her. She demands that you stroke your dick for her. It feels awkward, uncomfortable, wrong… but she is using her stern mom voice that she reserves for when she really means what she is saying. You find yourself complying. Her house, her rules. She starts touching herself too… first through her cotton panties and then reaching inside and eventually pulling them off to finger fuck herself. She pulls one of her big tits out from under her bra too. You are mesmerized by her hairy pussy, and she’s talking so dirty… words you’ve never heard your mom say before! Cunt… fuckhole…she’s using your masturbation as her porn, and you cum when your mom tells you to! She’s clearly pleased, because she ends up squirting all over her fingers! You don’t even mind when she tells you to clean up her messy pussy for her.

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RosemarieLoves – Mommys Visit To Her Irresponsible Son

Mommy has to pay her boy a visit. With a new job, new place, and so much more mommy has to check in and see if her good boy can handle the big world as a wheel chair bound boy. Mommy has many concerns with her sons nursing staff, the flaws in the homes accessibility, and now mommy finds out your assistant is helping you sign up for dating sites. Im not pleased. Ive taken care of you all your life and I know how hard it is and I know what you like best when it comes to taking care of you. I wanted to give you your freedom but you are showing me that you can’t be responsible. I can take you back home if I dont see changes. Im always here for you but you are being so irresponsible, Especially with these girls online. That is a line you can’t cross with mommy. Mommy knows how to make you tingle all while being a tough mommy and showing you who is boss. None of those girls will every make you feel the way Mommy does. Mommy dominates all while being gentle with you in bed. Mommy shows you that I can be all the things you need. The perfect nursing assistant, the loving mommy, and the slightly rough lover in bed.

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Sydney Harwin – Long Lost Mother

Your mother, the woman who abandoned you when you were young, has waltzed back into your life to try to make amends. What she doesn’t realise is that you harbour a deep hate for her. She neglected you when you needed her most, and now its time for some sweet payback…

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