Nicole Nabors – My Son Came in My Ass

Nicole walks in on you in your sister’s room sniffing your sister’s panties. Your mom is shocked! She cant believe your into sniffing your sister’s panties, its taboo and so wrong! As shes trying to understand why you did it, she ends up sniffing them herself. The smell of her daughters dirty panties start to turn her on… She gives them back to you and jerks your cock until she cant take it anymore. She tells you to sniff your mothers asshole and pussy. Fuck your mother in her ass. Ends in a creampie.

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Delphoxi – POV Fucking Ur Mom

You’re having fantasies about your mom! You’ve been watching your dad fuck your mom for the last few nights through the crack in the door but this time your mom spots you just as your dad is cumming inside of her! the next day your mom has a talk with you and you confess that you are having some issues and the only way to fix the gross mommy fantasies your having is to fuck mommy right in front of dad! Your mom is shocked and so is your father but they want whats best for you! They want you to get better and stop fantasizing about your mom so they agree to let you fuck your mommy while dad watches you have your way with her!

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PeachySkye – Mom Catches You Sniffing Her Panties

Your mom caught you sniffing her panties.. at first she’s a little shocked but she soon gets turned on. Mom makes you sniff the hole you came from and makes you sniff your sisters panties too.. Things escalate rather quickly from there and Mom is soon on the end of your hard cock..

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Bunibun – Mommy Helps You Feel Better

Hey sweetie mommy just wanted to come in and check on you and see how you were feeling? still sick huh? Well you should try and nap….but let mommy take care of that hard on you have first ok? I start rubbing your cock slowly while I tell you to relax and just let mommy take care of you. I jerk you off and show you my titties while I dirty talk to you and jerk you off. When your about to cum I give you a countdown from 5 and tell you to cum all over mommys tits.

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Charlette Webb – Mommy Fetish Galore Age Play

Mommys feeling extra sexy and horny today so she is so submissive and just wants to be extra naughty to you and Obey. Non stop Dirty talk i am so good at mommy roleplay. Super Playful but wrong. Youll love it Loads of taboo talk and talk on how mommy wants to fuck and please you.

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Ellie Rowyn – Fuck Mommys Fertile Ass

So you know that your dad and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while. But can I tell you something? I really, really miss fucking you. It’s too much of a risk for you to fuck my pussy while I’m off birth control. However, I do have a butt plug in right now and thought maybe you might want to fuck my ass? I tease you for a bit while I strip out of my clothes. My pussy is so wet thinking about you fucking me…and also because I’m ovulating right now. What if…you fuck my pussy first? I want to feel you. You slide into my wet, fertile pussy and fuck me. My butt plug makes me even tighter than usual. You can’t cum yet though. I can’t wait for your dad to finally get me pregnant so we can fuck more often. Are you ready to fuck my ass? I pull my butt plug out and help you slowly slide inside of me. You feel amazing inside my ass. I don’t even let your dad fuck me like this. I ask you to fuck me from behind while I use my hitachi on my clit. Fuck me hard and deep. I get closer and closer to orgasming. I want you to fill my ass with all your cum. Cum in mommy’s ass.

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Penny Barber – Finally Fucking Mom

Even after all the sex we’ve been having, you’re still horny, because there’s still one thing you haven’t had: Mommy’s pussy. You know I want it, too, but I’m so worried that we’re going to ruin our relationship! However, after an entire day of fucking, sucking, licking, and stroking, I just can’t help myself anymore: I need your big, fat cock. So, when you walk in on me masturbating at bedtime, I invite you over for a mother-son fuck fest. You ride me frontwards and backwards before you finally commit the ultimate taboo sex act and come in my eager MILF pussy. I love you so much, honey!

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Kathia Nobili – Sons Punishment Mom Fucks Front of You

Finally, the young man join me with his presents. You should hurry or you’ll be late for the school! Did I do what? Making you a breakfast?! No son! I didn’t…you are or you think you are the big boy…well you can take care of your self! Am I right?! Is there something wrong?! You asking your mother if there is something wrong? You know it better then I do! Come on! How dare you to asking me after what have you done! little baby boy don’t understand? Ok..let mommy make it clear for you and describe the situation between us! You past few weeks you’ve been very strange…you didn’t touch me you didn’t come to my bedroom…you completely avoided your mom, mom you love so much, right?!!! Haw dare you!!! Telling the lies like this into my face!!! I saw you…I’ve been following you and saw you to fucking that little whore of yours!!! How could you do that to your mother?! I loved you, I give you everything possible and even impossible…I let you to be my lover, you learned so many things about sex from me…and for what…that you can fuck young girls around!!! It’s just not working like this young man!!! Do you have any idea, how did I felt?! To find out what do you do behind my back?!!! You just broke my heart son!!! So completely destroyed our love my son!!! No, no, no…you can forget about this! My perfect body…boobs…bum…all you loved so much…it’s over! I’ll never let you touch me again!!! What are you saying….you have no idea what the safer is!!! But you know what! From now on…mommy will also do what she wants, what she likes…any time! You you hear good my son! I will fuck around too! But as this is my home, my house…I don’t have to going nowhere…I’ll invite my man, my lover over here! Yes THE MAN, real man…not just silly young boy like your self! And I will enjoy his hard, swollen cock inside me like I never did before!!! Yes, this is going to be the real punishment for you my step-son!!! Your beloved mother will belong to someone else now!!! And I’m sure, when you come back home and you hear all the noises from mommy’s bedroom…you’ll watch!!! You will peeping your step-mother…you just can’t help your self!!! And believe me…I know that too! And when I take my lover hard, big dick in my mouth…I’ll watch you…deep into your eyes…to make you see how step-mommy love his cock! When I sit over him, and ride him…goading…I’ll watch you…to make you see the pleasure that man giving to your mother!!! And you…you are just standing behind my bedroom and seeing what did you loose…what perfect milf…the love of your life you lost just for fucking behind mommy’s back!!!

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Princessberpl – Ditzy Mom Roleplay

Mommy’s boys can’t seem to go to bed. Their little stiffies just won’t go away!!! Don’t worry, she’ll take care of you and your brother. And don’t worry it’s not weird at all. She’s performing a mothers duty!

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Jessie Lee Pierce – Mom Wants To Fuck Her Son Again

I can’t stop thinking about the last time I fucked my son, nothing makes me as wet as the thought of fucking my Son! Why don’t you give Mommy what she wants and let me fuck my Son again! Pull out that beautiful cock and let me suck it, you know Mommy loves sucking your cock! You’re such a good Son, so hard for your mom, it’s time to fuck your mom’s pussy! You fuck your Mom’s pussy (dildo) whiles she’s on her back, in doggy style and she climbs on top of you and rides you until you cum deep inside her, giving Mommy a cream pie!

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