Rachel Steele – You Don’t Need Anyone Besides Mother

Rachel’s son has disobeyed her again. She stayed up late waiting for him to arrive. She heard a car pull up and peaked out the window to see her son kissing a girl goodnight. This infuriated her. He thought she would be asleep when he entered but she was waiting in the kitchen with her robe on. She scolded him and told him he was in trouble for kissing that girl, and being late too many times. He never stood up for himself when she scolded him and would do whatever she said. She brought him into the kitchen sat him up on the counter and opened her robe to show him her naked body. She held up a small bottle of oil and pulled his pants down, all the time belittling him and telling him she would have to do this to keep him focused on her not other girls. His cock was hard with anticipation on what mother was about to do. She oiled his cock and began stroking it, while lecturing him. He lay back, enjoying what was happening; he had never had any other woman touch him like that. Although it was his mother he was strangely turned on. She oiled up her tits and tit fucked him. He never had a girl do that to him. She taunted him by telling him to blow a big load for her and all would be forgiven. Sucking his cock really got him going he reached for her hair and forced her to take it all, she looked up at him with her big green eyes and smiled, she was moaning and slurping his cock with oil, he spread his legs wider as he felt his cock ready to explode all the while mother telling him to cum for her, she stroked and sucked until she felt her son’s breath stop, he came huge amounts in her mouth as she opened wide to catch every shot. Mother told him she would have to do that to him every time he went out so he would be faithful to her

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