RheaSweet – Breeding Mommy

Breeding, Creampie, Impregnation Fantasy, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo, Virtual Sex

I walk into my son’s room as he’s playing a game. I ask him to pause the game for a moment. Mommy just needs to ask him a favor. I need this favor to stay between me and my son. Let’s just say I don’t want his father finding out. I don’t think he knows this, but his father and I are trying to get pregnant. I’ve been trying to get pregnant, but it seems that nothing has been working. We try and we try, but I’m still not pregnant. I’m thinking that it’s something going on with his father. I figure, what is the closest I can get… would be getting pregnant from my son. I know it sounds weird, but think about it, just how beautiful that would be. Think about how nice it would be to be inside of Mommy again. It’s not like I don’t know what he’s looking up on the internet anyway. And I’ve caught him staring at me a few times now as well. Now I know we wants to be a good boy and help his mommy get pregnant. He dents even have to think about it. Just look at Mommy… look at Mommy’s titties in your face. Mmmm, yeah he likes Mommy’s titties in his face. There is nothing to be ashamed of. He used to see these titties all the time. I pull my top down and rub my titties together in my son’s face, squeezing my nipples. I encourage my son to suck on Mommy’s titties, like I know he wants to. He buries his face in them, and he starts to give in. I knew he would like it. Now it’s time to see how hard he is for me. I tell him to pull his cock out, telling him not to think about it too much. Just keep looking at Mommy’s body, as I keep uncovering my body for him. Rubbing my ass in from of his face, I can see that hard cock ready for Mommy to suck on. I get on my knees, taking my son’s rock hard cock in my mouth. I remind him not to think about it and just enjoy it. Keep looking at Mommy’s ass and titties and let the feeling take over. Getting his cock nice and wet, he he gets too excited and ends up cumming on my face before I was ready. Well, that’s not exactly what I had in mind. That’s not where his cum was supposed to go. His cum is supposed to go inside of Mommy. I want my son to breed me. So we’ll just have to get him hard again and put him inside of me this time. I suck on my son’s cock some more, and it doesn’t take long for him to get hard again. He’s still so hard for Mommy. Now lets slide him inside of me before we accidentally make him cum again. I bend over his desk and pull his rock hard cock up against my soaking wet pussy. I push my son’s cock inside of me. Finally! This is what I’ve wanted, what I’ve needed. I’m going to get my son’s cum inside of me. My son loves being inside of his Mommy again and starts pushing hard inside of me. He fucks his Mommy so good and deep. I tell him to keep pushing his big cock as far inside of me as he can. I need him to put that cum deep inside of Mommy. I want to see my son’s face when he cums inside of me, so I turn around, leaning against his desk. I push his rock hard cock inside of me again. He fucks me hard and deep once again, getting close to losing control. I beg him for his cum. Mommy wants it. Mommy needs it. Get that cum deep inside of me. My son erupts, filling me up with his cum. I can feel is so deep inside of me. There is still so much that it drips out of my soaking wet pussy, our combined juices dripping to the floor. I thank my son for the favor, doing his part to help Mommy get pregnant. I do hope that I get pregnant this time, but if not, I’m quite happy to try again.

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