Sloansmoans – Mommy Cam VDay Confession

Masturbation, Valentine’s Day, Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, Confession

Today is always the hardest day for me. I crave you, son, more than any other day. I’ve been gifting you teddy bears on v-day for a long time now but you have no idea what I do with them before hand. I don’t know if you’ll ever see these video entries but I secretly hope you find them sooner rather than later. I confess my desire for my boy as I masturbate and tell you all about how badly I need you. I know it’s wrong and unacceptable but I fantasize about running away with you. I know you love mommy and I am confident that one day you’ll fuck your mother. We’ll consummate our love and you’ll impregnate me. I use the “I” word several times and I’m shameful but horny, I can’t help myself. This is your purpose, this is why mommy made you. I rub my cream, my spit, my pussy, my ass, all over the teddy bear to train your senses to react to mommy’s scent and flavor… I turn the camera off and go to wake you up. I gift you this little teddy as a token of my love and you, my sweet boy, have no idea that it’s covered in mommy’s juices. Though I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.

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