Sydney Hail – Mommy is Lonely

Scene One: Overhearing mom
I can’t believe my mom is just walking around in her bra and panties. She doesn’t know I’m home so I peak through the doorway just to watch her talk on the phone. I overhear her chatting with her sister, talking about her sister having sex with her son. She even talks about fantasizing about fucking me. I’m frozen in place as she talks about me and what she’s going to do to me. Later I hear my mom in her bedroom, moaning and touching herself. I peak through the door to realize she’s talking about me! Rubbing herself and cumming to the thought of me. The next day she’s waiting for me to come home from school. Sydney looks up some Taboo porn and masturbates, not letting herself cum, edging endlessly. Preparing to take the plunge and fuck her son…

Scene Two: We All Have Needs
“When he comes home I’m going to pounce on him” Sydney says to herself, opening up her blue robe and touching her tight body. She is mentally and physically ready to make this happen. After a long day of school I lay down on my bed listening to some music and just letting the world pass me by. Mom walks in with her untied robe and sits down next to me. After her conversation yesterday I don’t know what to do as her hands glide down my body. “I have a confession, you’ve been turning me on” She whispers to me. “I want you to take your dad’s place” She reaches down and grabs my penis. I try to get her to stop but she tells me it’s going to be ok, that she will treat me so good. Her mouth is all over me, teasing me with her tongue as she takes off her robe. I touch her perky tits and her tone body and it feels so fucking wrong. Pulling me inside her she takes my virginity, riding on top of me and using my penis. Her tits bouncing in my face she screams. “Cum inside me, fill my filthy pussy please!” It sends me over the edge and I shake, orgasming inside her. “What a good boy” She whispers in lust.

Scene Three: While talking to daddy
Sydney is sure her husband is cheating on her. He’s away for work again and they chat on the phone to keep up appearances of a marriage. I come home from school and all I could think about was fucking my mom. Every class her tits and pussy where on my mind. I reach down as she chats on the phone and grab her perky tits. She looks at me with disapproval and whispers “No”. But she said I could have her whenever I want and I fucking want her right now. I pull down the top of her dress and roughly grope her. A hand around her neck I let her know what I want. A she listens to dad talk she sucks my raging hard cock. I bend her over and slide down her tight blue panties, exposing her and leaving her vulnerable to me. I push my way inside her and fuck her against the dinning room table. Mom tries to control her moans of pleasure as I use her hot body like a fuck doll. Soon she can’t hold it anymore and starts screaming on the phone. “Fill my mouth full of your filthy cum” She screams. I do exactly what she wants and she swallows it all down hungry for my young cum.

Scene Four: Aunt Cory
Sydney invites her sister over to tell her some amazing news. She’s been fucking her son and it’s amazing. The girls dish about the young men in their lives, giving them what they’ve never had before. Cory just has to see her sister and her new toy! I’m getting my homework out of my backpack when my mom and aunt walk into the room. They both have smiles on their faces and I know that something’s up. “Can we have another round?” My mom asks me. I’m not conformable with my aunt being there but when she reaches around and grabs my mom’s tits I feel myself get hot and hard. She strips my mom naked and lays her on the bed. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I feel like a I don’t have a choice as they pull my head down into my mom’s pussy and have me lick her. Aunt Cory rubbing and touching my mom as she sucks me off. Her hand down her panties watching me as I fuck and my mom moans in pleasure. “Fuck yes!” Mom screams as I fuck her faster and faster, her hand touching her sisters wet pussy. Mom’s so desperate to have my cum in her mouth again and I give her every last drop inside me. “So much cum!” My aunt moans slurping it off my mom’s neck. I’ve never been more turned on.

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