Mindi Mink – Possessed By Son

Mindis son has an interest in the occult and black magic. He has been slipping Mindi different cocktails and potions in an effort to possess her body and see what it is like to feel what she feels… nothing has worked so far. He wants to try one last thing to make his mission a success, he knows an ancient language that must be spoken correctly. Mindi knows her son has different interests than the rest of his peers at his age, but is not exactly sure what it is… she agrees to let him speak these words to her, although she has no idea what his real intentions are. He speaks to her in the language and suddenly faints right in front of her. Mindi is frantic with fear that he may be hurt. As she leans over him, he has success and enters her body. Mindi faints on to the bed… When she awakes, her son has possessed her body and is excited to see what she feels. He is amazed at the size of her tits and starts to feel them. He moves his hands down her legs, enjoying what she feels. He quickly takes off her top and starts to massage her tits… he then pulls them out of her bra and enjoys what they feel like. He leans down and sucks her nipples in to his mouth. He is very excited to play with his moms tits. He then rubs his hands on the outside of her shorts and is amazed how good it feels. He quickly tears off her shorts, lays down on the bed and begins to explore her pussy. He then takes off her panties and starts to rub and touch the bare skin, he slowly slips a finger inside her and is amazed at how wet she is. He pulls his fingers out of her pussy and sniffs and tastes her nectar. He is really getting in to exploring his mother from inside her body. He gets on all fours and starts to really rub her clit, he wants to know what an orgasm feels like to her… she cums very hard and he is amazed at how long the orgasm lasts. He hurriedly puts her clothes back on, stumbling at how to figure out her bra. He is stoked at his success. He lays back down on the bed because he does not know how long the spell will last. Moments later Mindi wakes up with a pounding headache and she is very confused…

File Size : 353.26 MB, Resolution : 720×406, Duration : 00:18:07

Download Mindi Mink - Possessed By Son.mp4
Download Mindi Mink - Possessed By Son.mp4

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