Alyssa Reece – Mommy Jerks You Off

How was school today honey? I couldn’t sleep last night and I walked by your room and I overheard something. You were talking in your sleep and I think you were having a sexual dream . The thing is you were calling out for mommy. Don’t feel weird baby, everyone has dreams like that, it doesn’t mean anything. Have you had dreams like that about mommy before? Oh you have? How many times? Wow, that many. I had no idea sweetie. Have you ever fantasized about me when you are not sleeping?

I thought so, What do you do with mommy in your dreams? What about if you could fuck your mom in real life? If you could see me naked and touch my body. Do you want to see me get undressed for you? I bet you are thinking about bending me over this dining table right now and putting your cock inside me. Let me see you honey, let me see you take your pants off. I want to feel your throbbing cock in my hand. This is making me so horny, jerking off my son’s cock. Do you like how your mommy is stroking your cock baby?I want you to cover your mother’s tits with your cum, I know you have a lot of cum for me.Give me all of your cum, mommy wants you to blow a big load for her.Mommy is jerking your cock faster and faster and squeezing the head, you are going to cum so hard for your mother,Mommy loves you baby.


Download file – 111.7 MB
Download file – 111.7 MB

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