Larkin Love – Mothers Indulgence

Son, what are you doing in my room? Where are your pants? Oh my god, you’re playing with yourself! And what are you looking at there, hmm? If you’ve brought pornography into my house, I swear you’re grounded for life! Wait a minute – those are pictures of me! When did you take these? Look at that, I’m wearing the same outfit in those photos as I have on right now . . . You’ve been spying on your mother, haven’t you! It all makes sense now. THAT explains why all my silk panties have been disappearing out of the dirty laundry.

Show me your wee-wee. I want to see what you were doing behind my back. Don’t be shy now, show me. I made every part of you, and so I own every part of you, including your wee-wee. Pull it out and rub it like before.

Watch as I bend over ever so slowly. You can’t resist Mommy’s ass peeking out from under her tight satin skirt. Look at how my white silk panties hug my curves. You want to see Mommy’s pussy, don’t you, darling? If I show you, you have to do whatever I say. You’ll have to be Mommy’s dirty little bitch and follow orders. Can you do that, son? I knew you’d say yes. You’re powerless against the charms of my perfect body.

Lick Mommy’s pussy, son. Keep rubbing your wee-wee and stick your tongue between my legs and lick the inner lips of my moist, hot pussy. Don’t you dare stop. I’ll give us both a countdown and we’ll cum at the same time!

Mmm, you’ve done so well making me cum with your tongue, son, what about a special treat? How would you like to fuck Mommy? Hmm? Does that thought excite you? Hah, I knew it would. Well, you don’t get to fuck me yet. You haven’t earned it. But, I will allow you to play with yourself and watch me fuck myself with this dildo.

I want you to imagine that your hand is actually my moist, hot pussy wrapped around your big-boy cock.


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