Alana Cruise – Dominated By Her Son

Part 1 – Kyle is watching his mom in her bathroom getting pretty to go out. She doesn’t notice him there until she walks out of the bathroom and begins demanding answers from her. When he finds out she was planning on going out on a date, he gets really mad and begins to get a little physical with her. Pushing her up against the wall, he starts to reach up her skirt and touch her to assert his dominance until he gets his way.
Part 2 – Alana comes home from a long day at work and sits on the couch. Unknowingly, Kyle comes up behind her and scares her. He demands that she take off her clothes. When she says refuses, he shows her his dominate side again. He’s going to make sure his mom realizes she belongs to him now.

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Xev Bellringer – Mommy’s One Condition

He grew up so much faster than I thought. No more time for his mother on the beach or at the movies together… he’s growing away from me. It’s what any young man naturally wants, but not this soon. I can’t let him go. Not yet. Not when I smell his father’s cologne on him before his big night out. He’s looking to impress some girl. Some high school hussie. My poor boy doesn’t understand just how dangerous all of those desires are, to be close to a girl… to touch her… to do more to her. He doesn’t need a girl after all, he needs a woman. And not just any woman. He needs his mother. I know what boys his age want… and I will be sure to give it to him before his date, whether he likes it or not, over and over and over again until he is completely drained of all his urges…

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Kathia Nobili – Mommy is yours and only yours forever

Your mom is taking the steps you were never think she will have! You know that your situation between her and your father is getting worst and worst. But this day will change your life Steven. Mommy booked the hotel room for her self and call the professional agency, the escort service and she were asking for the young guy. When the agent call you and give you all information and the name of the client…your heart just stopped! Your mom needs to get fucked! You took the opportunity to be her companion in one second! You get so nervous when you knocked on her hotel room! But then you have heard mommy’s voice…and you know it, after so long time, you’ll have your mom as a man! When you mom sees you, she get pretty shocked! She is trying to find some explanation for her deeds. But…she will never kidding you! For long time you were the one she loved so much, gives you everything even her self! But then you left, find the job and be a big boy! But your mom, she is still the hot woman…even hotter then before! And she has still appetite for sex! She has needs witch h ave to be take care of! And that is the reason, why she call the professional! She never told you’ll show up and her hotel room! You thinking if your mom ever forgive you that you left her…but when she get pregnant with your father…there wasn’t place for you any more in the house! If you just known! But now you are here and your mom is here…looking so gorgeous! And all been forgotten! She touches you so softly…so full of love! And now you are the one who need her! To kiss her and feel her! You just grab her and start to kissing her! And she gives you all back with deep passion! Boobs…those beautiful boobs…having them again in your hands…in your mouth! You can’t wait to take your mom as a man! To fuck her…have this passionate, crazy sex how you use to have together! And it’s amazing! You feel mommy’s juice all over your cock! She is ridding you and pushing all your cock inside her pussy! In the best moment the phones ring! FUCK…NOT NOW! It’s your father! You asking mommy to don’t…don’t picked up! But she looked at you and says: Let’s make it all clear…no lies any more! I love you my baby boy! I love you so, so much! And here is the time to finish with all the lies in my life!” Having your stiff cock still inside her and keep moving on you, she pick up the phone! And saying everything to your father, that she does not love him any more, that she can’t lives with him any more! But he getting mad and scream with you mom and that’s make her going! She say him the truth…that in this very moment she is with you…with his son! Having the greatest sex in her life and that the only man she love and she ever loved is you! And she wants only you! And even the truth…the big secret, you were never think about! Get to know the truth witch will make your mother only YOURS! YOUR FOREVER!

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Kathia Nobili – Make mom pregnant

My baby boy…mommy needs something from you! It is very , very important baby! Well…I don’t know where to start but as you know I’m together with your father so quite long and he really wants a baby from me! The problem is I could not enjoy the sex with him, you know…I love you to much! And you are the only one for mommy! But the thing is…if I’ll be not pregnant soon your father might leave me…and take you with him, so I will not see you any more! So…if you want to be still mommy’s lover…mommy’s boy…mommy’s love…you do have important mission my son. Yes you understand good you have to make mommy pregnant. I’m so sure that with you will be easy! I love you so, so much! And the sex with you my baby boy is amazing! With you I do have to control to not cum to soon! The way you look at me…the way you penetrate me everything about you is perfect my baby! And I really wish to have your baby! I know you’ll do it for mommy…would you?! Come on baby…now we are alone…your father will be not home for few days…so we have plenty of time! You can’t denied your desire for mommy…since few days you couldn’t feel mommy’s pussy. You want to say…you can resist me like this??? You see I know your cock wish to feel mommy’s warm pussy! Come here baby…feel how juicy is my pussy! Ohhh slowly, slowly. Noooo…not yet…I don’t want to be so soon my son! I want to feel you a bit longer! I know you love this position, when mommy push that perfect butt to you and you can grab it and squeeze it and just push me on your rock hard cock! Ohhh baby! I want us to be together…have a great orgasm…but all together my son! Like this is a great chance that mommy will be pregnant soon! Come on baby shot your sperm in mommy’s belly! Yes…yes…yes…my son! Mmmm I can feel your warm load inside me! Is not a question my baby…you are the best mommy ever had! And I’m sure…we will have our baby soon my love!

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Kathia Nobili – Surprise B-day present from your friends

Finally you turning 21 so now you can do everything legally. You can party where you want, drink and smoke when ever you want and…you can buy the sex when you want! looking that…your friends wanted to make this B_day special for you! You are the man now…so act like a man! They buy you an entrance for MAN’S VIP club! And believe..that night you’ll never forget in your life! But the best thing on this place isn’t to play billiard or poker…here are the best women in whole world…to make you happy . And the one is just waiting for you right now! It’s good to have the friends who knows witch kind of woman make you crazy! Elegant…sexy…MILF…that’s your think. You just came up and seeing her from behind! Stunning…perfect legs, sexy moves… can wait to take advantage of your prepay-ed present! You are so exiting and horny! You feel how your cock pumping in your pants! And then she tell you to come closer…as she is waiting for you! BUT… That shock when she turns around! That sexy slut, you wanted to fuck is your MOTHER! Ohhh my God…what are you dong here?! She is asking of you??? You can have the very same question for her! Your mother is a slut! Doing it for money! This night is not starting the way you were expected! But where is going??? You having this argue here with your mother! Even if you know…deep inside..she was always doing it for you! To give you everything you ever wished for! For every birthday for every day in your life actually…you never missed a thing! All…all…your mother gives you! And you love her for that! But now…you understood…how much your mom loves YOU! And there is only one possible thing you want for your B-day tonight! And is getting stronger and stronger inside you! You only want your mom…the slut you are paying for! You want to feel her as a man! Your desire is to fuck her! This would be the most incredible present from your mom! Will you get your mommy??? Will you be her lover…will you fuck her tonight??? Will you become a real MAN with your sexy mother??? You know very, very well your mom never say NO to her baby boy! And she will not start tonight…on your 21st birthday! So baby come…come to mommy and take advantage of your present! Mommy will make you come twice!

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Buddahs Playground – Daddys out of Town Honey

Oh honey, I love it when your dad goes out of town on his business trips, don’t you? We always take total advantage of our time alone and finally get to show one another our true desire for one another. I realize that we can never tell anyone what we do. honey, come here, mommy needs to exercise a little bit. I am wearing my tight leggings and a cute sports bra. I can see your manhood already standing at attention. You don’t have to hide it from mommy. I will make sure it gets taken care of. Mommy is so horny for you honey. Come and see what mommy does to herself. Yes honey, it is naughty, but we need this time together. Don’t worry, it will always be our little secret. We don’t need to feel bad, your dad will never know what’s going on between us. its his fault for leaving us alone all the time anyway! now come and play with mommy honey.

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Lovely Lilith – Desperate to do Porn

Your father is a porn producer, so you’re used to sometimes meeting hot skinny babes all the time. It comes as a surprise to you, however, when a 30-something frumpy chick shows up at your house looking to talk to you. “Hey, I know this might be weird– but I was just at a meeting with your father. The meeting didn’t go so well, and I was wondering if maybe I could have a chat with you instead? Maybe you could take me to your room for a bit?” You agree, and the two of you go to your room. “So, look- you know your dad is a porn producer, right? Well… my life long dream has been to be in porn– crazy, I know– but it’s true. I gave up everything to come down here and try for an audition. But he wouldn’t even see me. He says I’m too big. They’re looking for smaller boobs, and the tight yoga body… and he says I’m too old as well. You’re old enough… right? Old enough to watch porn and stuff, so I figure you know a thing or two. I was hoping, that since he’s your dad– you might be willing to be my inside help? Maybe I can sort of audition for you? I mean, would you be willing to let me try? If I can blow your mind and change your idea about chicks my size– will you help me get into porn? REALLY? I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed! By the end you’ll only want to cum to older chicks!”

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Kitty Leroux – Mommy’s Birthday Present

It’s your mom’s birthday, but you’re feeling a little down before the dinner reservation. You aren’t happy with the present you gave her. Your sweet mother stops to console you. “It’s the thought that counts sweety, I’ve told you that your whole life.” When you tell her you’d do anything to make her birthday amazing, she hears a very pleasing word. “…Anything?” she says with a glint in her eye. You’re not exactly sure what’s come over her, but it seems your offer has made her go full cougar on you. All of the sudden, your cock is out, and your sweet mother is licking it, sucking it, and fucking herself with it She has a few other ideas to make her birthday the best she’s ever had- watch her ride your cock with her curvy body, tit-fuck you with her big tits, and literally suck the cum right out of you. “Screw the dinner reservations sweety, let’s stay home.”

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Tammie Madison – The birds and the bees

Your mom home schools you, and today’s lesson is the birds and the bees. Mom wants you to have a well-rounded sex education. She is going to provide you with a hands-on exploration of how sex works. Mom has bought you a male masturbator, in the style of a realistic vagina. She has also bought a realistic dildo. Mom will teach you all about the female anatomy, and how to make a girl cum by showing you with her toys. Mom makes her way through an extensive list of sexual practices, she teaches you what the clit is, what the g-spot is, how to make a woman orgasm, how to make a woman squirt. How to perform oral sex on a woman, and what penetration looks like on a woman. “What’s that honey?” Mom implores, “You want to know what it feels like? Okay, well, I guess it is all part of your education.” Mom pulls out your penis. She puts a condom on you, lubes you up and guides you into the realistic vagina. You’re a virgin, so it doesn’t take long before you explode inside the masturbator, cum streams out of the condom and the toy. “Okay honey, you relax for a second. You just had your first orgasm. Well done. But now, you need to see what a female orgasm looks like. You want to be a good lover don’t you? You want to please women? I hope so sweetheart, that would make mommy so proud.” Mom strips naked and begins to masturbate in front of you. She uses the dildo and a vibrator to make herself cum. Both you and your mom are really horny. You both want the real thing. Toys are great, but nothing compares to the real thing. “Son, Now that you know how to please a woman, do you think you could pleasure your mother?” You don’t need asking twice. Mom takes hold of your cock and slides it inside her wet pussy. Your mom feels so good. You just hope you last longer this time. oh, and you better pull out, because you’re not wearing a condom.

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Xev Bellringer – Mommy’s Confession

Everyone at school knew what your mother did. It was no secret. With your two best friends, no less. They heard how John and Daron groped her in the car, the things they did to her naked body in the backseat… how they used her, and how she liked it. And it was all true. How could she?? You were angry… and jealous. You had a right to know everything, you were her son. You’d MAKE her tell you every last dirty detail, no matter how persistent your mother was denying it. Even now as she sat there, her big breasts were falling out of that lacy lingerie, and her hands were wandering over her body as she reluctantly confessed. You could tell… she would do it all over again. Let them grope her, let them fuck her. Your mother, the slut.She’d be your slut too. You reached out and grabbed her hand, planting it on your crotch. She felt it, your hard cock. You’d make her rub it, stroke it… all the while relaying what happened in that car. How they stripped her naked in the back, and how they penetrated her mouth… and her pussy. She’d have no choice but to make you cum, whether she liked it or not.

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