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With every passing moment in that car, I felt hotter, dizzier… overcome by an intense NEED. A need for something I dare not tell my son. But I couldn’t stop squirming in my seat next to him, touching my pregnant, horny body. I couldn’t ignore all of the dirty thoughts that made me… want my boy. Who was that GIRL he was talking to after practice?? That floozy only wanted one thing, and it was MY job to make sure my son knew it. I could… show him. Just this once. So he doesn’t make a mistake. I’m really just trying to HELP him. When a girl pushes her body against his… or presses her hand against his crotch, his mother will have already done it. Done everything that girl might want to do to his tight, young body. His hard, aching cock. And it’s only fair that my boy helps his mother in return… to rub Mommy’s sensitive clit… to taste her wet pussy… and to cum deep inside of her. Just this once.

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Mindi Mink – My Mom Is A BBC Slut

Before Mindi is going to leave for a night out, she walks into her stepsons bedroom and discovers him and his best friend watching porn… BIG BLACK COCK porn. And they have made a discovery that his mom is the star of the BBC gangbang clip they are watching. Mindi is horrified that her son has discovered the clip. Mindi admits it was a long time ago, and yes, she was enjoying it. She is surprised that her son and his friend are excited watching the clip. She offers an agreement between them. If they say nothing about their discovery, she’ll satisfy them however they want. Mindi is down on her knees with both of their hard cocks staring her in the face. She admits to being a total slut before she met her husband. She also reveals she is still fucking big black cocks behind her husbands back. The boys get even more excited listening to her love of big black cocks. She tells the boys she loves a good facial and lets her sons friend cover her face with his hot cum. She asks her son if she looks sexy with all that cum on her face. She excuses her sons friend and promises more for her son. She tells her son to fuck her like he has a big black cock. With his friends cum still covering her face, Mindi climbs on top of her son and starts to ride him… as she rides his big cock, she tells her son that she is going to find 5 big black cocks to fuck tonight and she wants her son to think about it all night and maybe someday, she will allow her son to watch her get gangbanged by a bunch of big black cocks. She cums all over her sons cock. She asks him to get behind her and fuck her hard because all the black guys she fucks, LOVE her big, thick white ass. He starts to fuck her from behind… she loves it! She confesses that she really gets off the best when getting plowed by big black cocks, letting them explode their cum all over her face and deep inside her pussy. She has him pull out and he covers her still cum coated face with even more cum. He not only covers her face, but he also covers her wedding ring in his cum… Mindi licks off the cum and tells him she is going to go out and get fucked really hard by a bunch of black cocks.

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Tara Tainton – It Happened So Naturally

You’re so far away… my only son, off to university overseas and I’m SO excited to get to chat to you… on video! It’s our first time – I don’t know what the heck I’m doing with video chat – but I’m so glad to see my darling boy and hear all about your latest adventures. I wish I had more exciting stuff to tell you… truth is, I just miss you. Especially now that your father’s gone on yet another business trip as well. We women… we get lonely, you know. Adult stuff. I just feel so… all alone. And… I can’t say if I was even aware of what I was doing… on camera… while you were there, but so far away, and able to see me. It FELT like you were right there with me – right HERE. And that felt… so… GOOD. I can’t say that I even knew where my fingers were traveling to… how much I was revealing of my body OR about my mood. I can’t say that I had any intention at all. No, I definitely didn’t. It just happened. Things do. Like the most natural thing in the world. I couldn’t have done it… not on my own… not if you hadn’t encouraged me. I couldn’t believe what I saw… when you made me look… when you TOLD me to look at you. I couldn’t believe what you were doing… to yourself… while you were watching me. And I would blame myself – for all of eternity, for what I caused – if you hadn’t told me it was okay… if you hadn’t told me that you WANTED to see me… that you wanted me to do it… that you wanted me to take it off… for you.

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Lady Fyre – The School Bully’s Mother

I’m in the kitchen drinking wine when you ring my doorbell. Your mother has already told me a little bit about what my son did to you, but I tell you to follow me into the kitchen & give me the whole story. You tell me that my son has been picking on you at school & beating you up. I’m skeptical until you show me your bruises. It’s shocking. But what’s even more horrifying is the text message my son sent to you: “I’m going to fuck your mother, cum on her face & make her give you a cum-covered kiss.” I can’t believe my son wrote that! What’s wrong with him? Maybe it’s because his father works too much & isn’t around to punish him & teach him how to be a gentleman like you are. Suddenly I have an idea: we’re going to give my son a taste of his own medicine. I order you to follow me into my son’s bedroom where he’s awaiting his punishment. I yell at him & tell him that he’s going to sit right there & watch. Then I give you a passionate kiss, remove my shirt & bra and make you get undressed. I get down on my knees & start sucking your cock. You can hardly believe it, you’re so hard. After the blowjob, I tell you that I want you to fuck me from behind. I pull off my panties & hike up my skirt over my ass. You pound me from behind, and I cum hard. Then we fuck missionary style & I cum again. I tell you how much better you are than my husband. I just love your young dick, sweetie. I am aching to ride that cock, so I climb on top of you & let down my hair. I’m just about to cum again when my phone rings. It’s my husband, and I try to stifle my moans as I explain that I’m punishing our son, and it’s alright if he stays late at work again. I slam down my phone as my body is rocked by the hardest orgasm of all. I finish you off by tit fucking you with my big breasts. You cum all over my neck & chest. I use my finger to apply some of the cum to my lips, then I kiss my son right on the mouth. I give my bully son just what he deserves: a cum-covered kiss. He runs out of the room, and I tell you that my husband will be away this weekend & I want you to come back again for some more punishment.

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Cory Chase – Anal with Mommy

I walk into my mother’s room to ask her a question and immediately know I’ve done something wrong. She’s dressed in a silk robe, sitting on her bed. “It’s ok, you’ve just interrupted mommy’s special time. You can stay with me if you don’t mind watching” She tells me opening up her robe. I’m frozen in shock as she spreads her legs and shows me her hairy pussy. “Mommy’s had a long day at work” she whispers as she touches herself. Getting so turned on she pulls out my penis and plays with me. I can’t even comprehend what’s happening as she guides me inside of her wet pussy and thrusts her hips. I finger her tight little hole as I fuck her from behind. She’s just so horny. “Do you want to stick it in mommy’s ass?” She asks and begs me. “Oh my god!” She screams as I stretch her and use her. “Fuck my ass” She yells in ecstasy as she cums from her fast fingers. I cum all over her pussy and give her the best relaxation she can get.

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Ivy Starshyne – Mother’s Interest In Inc3st

You’ve been wondering how I’ve been doing, and I want to be honest with you. I’m definitely fine, but I’ve been thinking things that… I’m not quite sure about. I’m your Mom, and you want honesty, so here it goes… As a kid, I shared a room with my sister. I’d hear the door open in the room late at night… and my Dad would slip in the room. He’d go over to my sister and play with her, touch her, sit on her – she never even flinched. You know, she’s great now – it didn’t mess with her in any way. In fact, maybe she’s better off because of it. I’ve been curious… I just wonder what it feels like to have someone inside of me that’s just like me, someone related to me… someone… like you

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Lady Fyre – Mommy’s Little Helper

You’re probably wondering why I called you in here & asked you to take your clothes off. I know you trust that mommy has a good reason. Your father & I have been trying to get pregnant for a while, and the procedures at the doctor haven’t been working. We can’t afford to try again, so I need your help. I know you’re mommy’s good little helper, and you want to do everything you can to please me. Yes, you’ve been doing a great job with the chores, but it’s time you take on more responsibility. I need you to help mommy make you a little brother or sister. Can you handle that? Here, let me just get your penis hard with some licking. Doesn’t that feel good? Now I’m going to climb on top of you & ride like a cowgirl. That feels nice, I’m sure. When you feel something rising up in your penis, I want you to just let it all go. Mommy needs her little helper.

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Ivy Starshyne – Mom Needs A Reminder

Sigh. Darling, you’re so sweet. It’s unfortunate that your father went out, but no surprise, huh? I think I’m just sick of it. You’re so great to hang with me. I was really planning on seeing him… well, I guess I ALWAYS am. See, I’ve got my glass of wine and I’m all dolled up. Underneath this robe… I’m just busting out of this sexy lingerie. Do you like it? Your father is always too late to see me in it. I give up after a few hours, once I’m ready to zonk out from the wine. When we met, your dad and I were just perfect. I know you’ve heard the story… but maybe not the FULL story. When we met, he was so handsome… GREAT in bed. We met in our teens, you know, and he was just so exciting and really loved me then. My tight pussy wrapped around him… Oh… I think I miss that young, teen cock

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Natalie Wonder – Mommy Investigates Her Baby Boy’s Unusually Big Boner

Mom is on the phone with the agency. The babysitter can’t make it. Looks like mommy will need to stay home with her little bbaby boy today. She has to cancel her appointment. Looks like it’s just going to be me and you today bbaby. But it’s okay. Mommy will take care of you. I bet you’re happy the babysitter cancelled. You want your warm, nurturing mommy to take care of you, not a babysitter. Awwwww such a good little bbaby. You’ll only be my little bbaby boy for a short while. Before I know it you’ll be grown and not want your mommy to take care of you anymore. Mommy sits with her bbaby and plays with him. She tickles him…gives him raspberries on his little soft tummy. Mommy loves making her little boy happy. Playtime is the best time. Suddenly mommy notices her boy starting to touch his privates. He plays with his little cock…his little balls. Awwww baby likes touching his little cock. It feels good, right?’re really tugging on it hard! Okay bbaby no more. You’re too little to be doing these things. Hmmmm. But…maybe…let mommy play with it for you instead. Let me take it out. Let’s see your little cock. Do you have an impressive little cock for mommy? Mmmmm let’s see. Oh…Oh My…it’s…growing..? Getting harder!? No, that’s not possible. You’re too little. But your boner is getting so big! So unusually big…for a little bbaby boy like you. Such a big, growing boner on my little bbaby boy. Mommy’s going to have to investigate…

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Lady Fyre, Syren DeMer – Mom and Aunt – Man of the House

Aunt Syren is over today, and she’s talking with mom about the struggles of being a single mother. You’ve been helping around the house as much as you can, but as you eavesdrop on their conversation, you hear your mom say that she’s been lonely. Aunt Syren thinks maybe she can help with that. She strokes mom’s thigh & then begin making out. They’re really hot for one another, and you spy on them as they lick one another’s pussies. They cum over & over again, licking, kissing & scissoring. It’s too hot not to sneak a video of them from where you’re hiding in the corner. You sneak away into your bedroom to jerk off to it. Aunt Syren catches you watching the video & you’re embarrassed but she says she thinks it’s hot. Your cock is already out, and she takes the opportunity to suck it. She deepthroats so well. Then your mom walks in & Aunt Syren invites her to join in. She doesn’t even miss a beat & takes over the blowjob. Aunt Syren rides you & cums so hard on your young cock. Finally mom says she’s being selfish & auntie reluctantly lets her take a turn. You love the riding, but it’s even better when they line up on the bed, side by side in doggystyle & offer themselves to you. Mom thanks Aunt Syren for teaching her that you’re much better behaved when she gives you regular “treatments”. It’s so hot that you forget to warn your aunt & start cumming in her mouth. She pulls it out & jerks you off the rest of the way with cum spilling out of her mouth. She doesn’t mind a mouthful of cum though. She’s a cougar & she loves everything about fucking her nephew.

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