Kandy Roberts – Juniors panty duties

Mistress Kandy knows how to keep her son in line. She’s caught him rifling through her lingerie drawer, and threatens to inform Junior’s father unless he tows the line. Namely, he must sniff m0mmies thong as she removes it in front of him, showing him a long glimpse of her pussy. Kandy reminds sonny that he is not yet mature enough to lick her pussy, but that he is allowed to lick her panties. She then flaunts her derriere to her son as well, pointing out that the thong was also previously up her ass crack. As if Junior isn’t excited enough by all this, Mistress Kandy ups the ante by inserting her thong all the way inside her pussy, then extracting it for Junior to clean! Oh, and let’s not forget – He has to beat off in front of her too!


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