Lady Fyre – Mommy Issues Role-play and Recovery

Lately you’ve been having trouble with relationships & decide to go to a therapist, and she explains how your early experiences influenced your sex life. “Your mother liked to walk around in thigh highs with garter straps?” She asks, as she lifts her skirt a little to reveal that she’s wearing just that. “The problems you’re experiencing now are a result of an unrequited sexual experience with your mother. You’re seeking out women like your mother. So I propose a role-play scenario. If you act out having sex with your mother, you can move past it. You DO want to be free of the influence of your mother, don’t you?” She asks. You nod your head. “I’m going to do what your mother would have done if she was a little more free with her sexuality,” she says as she unzips her skirt, shimmies out of it & slowly reveals her perfectly round ass.

“Hi sweetie. This skirt is so uncomfortable. It’s so much more comfortable for me if I just walk around in my lingerie. You don’t mind, do you? You like the way my body looks in this.” You just about pass out when she takes sets her high heel on the desk, stretching out fully her long, slender leg in a cuban foot stocking. “You like the way my butt looks in these panties. You think mommy is pretty, don’t you? I know your young cock is hard for me. I’ve been tormenting you, walking around in my lingerie, and I know that you’ve been wanting to touch me.” She shows off her hot body. “I’m going to give you a reward for resisting temptation all these years.” She pulls your cock out of your pants & starts to suck it. Then she rides it. “Mommy’s pussy feels so good, doesn’t it? So much tension has built up over time, and you’re finally going to let it out. Cum for mommy.” Now that you’ve come for your mother, you can move on & be with whoever you want. Or maybe you’ll decide you like fucking mommy & you’ll want to do that over & over again.


Download file – 768.9 MB
Download file – 768.9 MB