Mothers bedtime story

I hear a stirring in my son’s room; he has a big day tomorrow, it’s picture day at school. I come into his bedroom to tuck him in. His eyes are wide open, and I can tell that he has likely had too many sports drinks. I decide to read a bedtime story to him.

I can’t remember what stories I used to tell the boy.. and then I see his iPad. “Fantastic! I will just look one up on the internet.” I turn it on and I am shocked and appalled at the pornography he is watching. Oh, my! I chastise him and tell him how disappointed I am in him, but I am still watching the porn. You know, his father would be so disappointed.. as I start to feel turned on.. I rub my breasts over my robe. I touch myself a bit more, and bit more revealing to my naughty boy. I notice that he has a hard on underneath she sheets. I pull down the sheets to expose his under-roo’s, “Oh well, this will have to do.” I instruct him to hold up the iPad, while it is playing porn, so that I can cum. I fuck him, but it’s not perverted or anything, because I am watching the porn on the iPad. He cums inside of me and it drip, drips out. It feel amazing to feel coated inside by his warm cum. I turn off the iPad. I confiscate the iPad for his punishment. I think I will have more fun with it than he will.


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