Lovely Lilith – Southern Mother Strikes Back

The spit-fire southern mother is back with a vengeance! Her lofty political aspirations are threatened by her friend, now adversary! She comes to her son for help, knowing he’s fully capable of explosive results. With his massive loads of cum, southern mother is sure to get her presidential hopes realized. Her enemies don’t stand a chance.

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Lovely Lilith – Rosemary’s Booby: Cumming of Age

The day has finally arrived! You’ve come of age, and to celebrate your sacred–er–special birthday, your mother has decided to worship you like she’s always promised! You’ve been so good all these years, it’s only fair that your mom rewards you by easing all of that built up tension in your pants! Relax, and be sure you don’t spill your seed to soon! You wouldn’t want to ruin the ritual– I mean… surprise.

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Lovely Lilith – Spying On Mom Again

Honey… what are you doing in here? Nothing? Why are you hiding on the other side of the bed? Does this have something to do with the shower the other day? It does? Okay, honey. You know I said that was the only time. Why are you trying to sneak another peak? You like to see Mommy naked? I understand, but this has to stop. I’ll let you stay in here and help me pick out a dress for my date, okay? But that’s it! No touching yourself either, promise?

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Lovely Lilith – Spying on Mom Leads to First Cum

You slam the front door to your house, making sure it sounds like “you’re on your way to school”. Deftly, you sneak upstairs into your parents’ room. You hide in the closet and wait. You’ve been fantasizing about something like this for a long time now. Something that could finally give you release. All the other boys in school are talking about girls and jerking off. You’re still unsure of how to get off properly. You know that if you could just see a real woman naked, in person, you’d be able to get there. Knowing your mom’s routine, she’ll be getting ready to take a shower first thing in the day. You wait, and watch– and eventually, you follow her to the shower. Surprisingly, once she catches you peeping on her, she’s sympathetic to your problem. She allows you one opportunity to take in her naked body while you work yourself to orgasm.

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Lovely Lilith – Older Woman Craves Your Virginity

Hey, is there anyone in here? OHMYGOSH!! I’m so sorry! Oh my! Are you masturbating! WOW! Okay.. please cover that up… I’m so sorry… I did NOT mean to barge in on you like this. You must be so confused right now why a strange woman is in your bedroom. Your aunt asked me to come by and check on you. She’s busy at work. Your parents are out of town, right? Yeah… that’s… why I’m here… interrupting you. I knocked, but… I guess you were busy. Well, I can see you’re fine, so I’ll just be going… What? Do I want to watch? Watch…what? You mean… OH! I couldn’t do that! That would be wrong. You just go ahead and do that with your girlfriend. You don’t have a girlfriend? Well… go play with whoever it is you play with… You’re… a virgin? I see… Well, this is interesting. I’m going to be honest with you. It’s always kind of been my secret fantasy– taking someone’s V-card. I know I really shouldn’t entertain any of this, but you’ve got me really curious now. Why don’t you pull your cock out for me. Let’s see what we’re working with…

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Lovely Lilith – Quarantine

The rise of the pandemic has brought you home from University early. Upon arrival, you find your father is away on business for the next couple weeks. You find yourself stuck in quarantine with his new wife, your step-mom. Things seem to be unraveling between her and your father, making your step-mom act out almost desperately. She can’t help but notice how much you and your father look alike…

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Baby It’s Cold Outside – Lovely Lilith

Hey sweety, what are you doing up so early? It’s really cold right now, maybe we should cuddle. You’re dad won’t make it home this weekend, so you should crawl into bed with me. No, you’re not too old to cuddle with your mommy. Come here… There… isn’t that nice? Snuggled up so close to me and warm… Um… Honey… Your knee is jabbing me in the stomach. Oh… That’s not your knee, is it? It’s okay sweety. That’s perfectly natural. In fact, it’s all my fault for squishing you with my boobs! You know, dear… since you’re filling in for your dad right now.. maybe I can help you with your…”problem”. Wouldn’t you like that? It’s fine! I’m your mom… it’s my job to show you how you should be treated. You just lay back and relax and let me help you get really excited. I want to show you what a woman can do for you. What a woman looks like… feels like…and what a woman can make you feel, sweety. We’ll get nice and warm in no time.

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Lovely Lilith – Mom Helps Your GF Stay Pure

Hi honey! I just got off the phone with your new girlfriend’s mom. We’ve scheduled a luncheon for this weekend! I have to say, her and I are both very excited about this new dating arrangement. Secretly, we’ve been rooting for you two to wind up together. Can you imagine? With our families combined? The lineage! Our family could wind up running the nation! I do have to say thouh, it’s no secret. That family has standards, and your girlfriend will be saving herself until marriage. I’d hate for you to break up over that… so… I think you should take care of it on the side, and continue to pursue her. Yes, really. But, I think you should keep it from becoming a scandal– it’ll need to be very secret. In fact, in-house. I’ll be the one to help you through those periods where you just ache to cum, but can’t. I’ll take good care of you until you get married.

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Download Lovely Lilith - Mom Helps GF Stay Pure.mp4

Lovely Lilith – Mother Knows Best

You’ve been an impertinent little pain in the ass. You’ve broken so many rules and ignored your chores. In fact, since you got back from university, you’ve been driving your parents absolutely crazy. You’ve been lazy, and you’ve been behaving in a manner that has really upset your mother. Deciding she has the requirement to produce a gentleman of a son, your mother has taken it upon herself to teach you a lesson. You’re inability to be ready for your father’s fundraiser was the last straw. She’ll take you in your vulnerable state, and leave you begging to be a model citizen. She owns you now.

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