Lovely Lilith – Motherly Love

Oh, hi sweety! What’s the matter? It’s five o’clock in the morning? You couldn’t sleep? Okay, well your father’s out of town. Why don’t you get into bed with me, ok?
So tell me what’s going on… Oh… I see…. you have morning wood. Well that’s perfectly normal. Hasn’t your dad talked to you about this? You seem a little old to not know about this… Oh… it’s not just morning wood. Your penis is hard all day. Have you tried masturbating? Do you need porn? You do all of that, huh? You’re just always super horny and it’s starting to get painful? I wish I could help. Maybe you need to find a girlfriend. Maybe if you have sex it’ll help you relieve some of that pressure…Oh… You’re worried because you’re a virgin? I guess I could help you with that…

Oh? You like my lingerie? I was hoping your dad would be home early last night, but he never made it in. I don’t always dress like this. Here, why don’t I show you a little more… Oh my!! You look like you’re already about to blow your load! If you do that, I can’t really help you empty out… I have an idea. Why don’t you watch me play with myself until you cum. And then, I’ll help you get hard again and let you be inside of me. Would you like mommy to ride your cock? I’d love to help you feel better. We can’t have you popping boners all day at school! You would like that? Okay. It’ll be our little secret. I’ll help you out when you get super backed up like this– until you get a girlfriend. Let me just show you how to do things, and you’ll be getting girls in no time!


Download file – 561.5 MB
Download file – 561.5 MB