Maggie Green – Busty Milf Fucks Big Dick Perverted Son

My Step-Dad is always dating hot women since he broke up with my Step-Mom, he found a real hot one when he met Maggie. I gotta admit I find her extremely attractive, I love it when she goes swimming in the summer, she always wears the skimpiest bikinis. My addiction to her has been getting worse, I have started to watch her in the bathroom she usually doesn’t catch me but today I got a little too close and got caught. I thought I was in big trouble, Maggie tells me she knows I have been perving on her and she has had enough. I thought she was gonna run and tell my Step-Dad but instead, she started rubbing on her tits and she demands I keep jerking off to her. She sees how big my dick is and demands me to go into her bedroom, I wasn’t expecting her to even touch my dick but I got way more than that. My step-Mom demands I fuck her right in my Step-Dad’s bed, I can not believe all my fantasies are coming true I spray my load all over her big tits, I really hope she doesn’t tell my Step-Dad I really wanna fuck her again.

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Maggie Green – Sad Aunt Doesn’t Wanna Meet a Guy on Tinder For Sex, Fucks Nephew

My Aunt Maggie has had a rough year, she just finalized the divorce and was trying to date again. She was with my uncle for so long that the dating game has completely changed, she found herself trying to meet guys on these new dating apps. Maggie did have a date that night but didn’t really wanna go, I thought she looked really hot and any guy would be lucky to go out on a date with her. I always thought my aunt was very attractive especially her huge tits. I try to console her and tell her she will meet someone, I guess Maggie had other plans. She started to rub on my leg and was making an advance on me the next thing I know she is pulling out my hard dick and drops to her knees to start sucking me off. I can not believe I am gonna finally suck on her huge tits, and I get to fuck her. I love my aunt so much, she has some amazing pussy that makes me shoot a nice big load all over her big tits.

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Download Maggie Green - Sad Aunt Doesnt Wanna Meet a Guy on Tinder For Sex Fucks Nephew.mp4
Download Maggie Green - Sad Aunt Doesnt Wanna Meet a Guy on Tinder For Sex Fucks Nephew.mp4

Maggie Green – My Step Son Fucks His Step Mommy

So… i get home, ready to rest after being gone on a long trip and catch my step son grabbing his junk! Well, i waaas upset at first but i figure I might work this to my advantage and use his hard young cock to please my wet pussy! Boy does he please me! My boy just stuffs this Mommy’s mouth, sliding his throbbing dick between my big beautiful tits and afterwards, he cums all over me! Next time, i think we’ll play “Mommy May I…”

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Download Maggie Green - My Step Son Fucks His Step Mommy.mp4

Maggie Green – Cheating Step Mom Blackmailed For BJ

What the hell are you doing, listening to me on the phone?? How much did you hear?? Look so I am cheating on your father, he doesn’t pay attnetion to me anymore anyway. Please just forget what you heard, it doesn’t affect you, step son! Oh no, please don’t tell him!! You can’t!! What can I do, how about I give you some money or buy you some new videos games or something? No? Well what then? Oh wow, don’t be a perv! I am not going to suck my step son’s dick! No way!!Fuck, ok if I have to. But you better keep your mouth shut!

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Download Maggie Green - Cheating Step Mom Blackmailed For BJ.mp4

Maggie Green in Horny Stepmom Must Fuck Stepson

Scene One: Mom Gives Comforting Massage
I recently fell off my bike and broke my right arm, which has been a pain in the ass for me! I haven’t even been able to jerk off lately! My aunt tries to explain this to my step-mom and my step-mom doesn’t want to even hear it! My mom and my aunt walk in to my bedroom and I explain to them both how I am in a lot of pain. They start to ask me weird questions like “When was the last time you jerked off?” I tell them that it’s been 2 or 3 weeks already and that’s why I’ve been so cranky! My mom and my aunt both pull their big tits out and then my mom starts to jerk my cock off with her hand. “Would you like me to put it in my mouth, baby?” my mom asks me. I let her suck my dick and she keeps sucking my cock until I eventually cum in her mouth… Then I tell my mom to kiss my aunt and share my cum!

Scene Two: Mom Catches Me Jerking Off To Porn
I am in my bedroom jerking my cock off to photo’s of my Aunt Cory when my mom walks in to the room and catches me! “Stop jerking off to your aunt! It’s making me jealous!” she tells me. My mom strips out of of her clothes and she starts to lick her own nipples in front of me! Then she lies back on the bed and she tells me to fuck her pussy! I am shocked at first but I can’t say no to her and her huge tits. “That feels so good! That cock is all mine!” she moans. I ask her to flip over in to the doggystyle position so I can fuck her pussy from behind. I accidentally cum inside of my mom, but I want to keep fucking her! I grab her big tits and I fuck her again… but it doesn’t take long for me to cum inside of her a second time!

Scene Three: Accidental Threesome
My mom finally confronts my aunt about the nude photos she sent me the other day! My aunt apologizes to my mom and she promises that won’t ever send me any photos again! “My son was doing fine for a while but now he is acting like a dick again! Maybe he needs a new hole to fuck….” my mom tells my aunt. I walk in to my mom’s bedroom and I see my aunt and my mom sitting topless next to each other on the bed. I am a little confused as to what’s going on here! “I thought that the three of us could have some fun today!” my mom tells me. My aunt and my mom start to kiss each other and then they strip out of their panties. They start to give me a double blowjob and I can’t believe this is real life! Then my aunt lies back on the bed so I can fuck her pussy in the missionary position. “I can’t believe I’m watching my sister fuck my son!” my mom exclaims. My mom wants to eat my aunt’s pussy so I fuck my mom’s pussy from behind while she licks my aunt’s clit. Then I fuck my mom’s pussy in the missionary position next while my aunt licks my mom’s nipples. My aunt wants to return the favor to my mom, so my aunt starts to eat my mom’s pussy while I fuck my aunt from behind. When I get close to cumming, I jerk my cock off on to my mom’s face and in her mouth! Then she kisses my aunt to share my cum with her…

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Maggie Green – Mom Demands Vacation Sex

I wasn’t expecting you! What are you doing back in the room, I thought you had gone snorkeling? Obviously, I was waiting for your father, I told him to meet me here at 3:00 and I thought we could, uh, have a little naughty vacation fun. I know, you don’t want to hear about it. Where is he anyway, do you know? What! He’s playing golf again? Well look what he’s missing out on, I put on this sexy lingerie in hopes to entice him to bed but forget about that. This isn’t the vacation that I had in mind, I deserve some raunchy hot sex while we’re down here in the tropics! Hmmmm well….you’re here and you look a little excited to see mommy in this sheer robe. Come closer, don’t I look hot and sexy baby? I know I’m your mom but, damn, I’m fucking horny and ready to go. I know you want to, don’t be shy, that’s silly. Holy fuck! Your cock is huge! I had no idea! Now you’v done it, I need that big piece of man meat in my mouth, between my tits and in my soaking pussy! Make me cum and give mommy her well deserved vacation fuck!
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Maggie Green – Mommy’s Naughty Birthday

I took the day off of work because it’s my birthday and I want some time for myself. How sweet of you to remember, I hate my birthday since I’m not getting any younger. I don’t like to make a huge deal out it…what, you got me a gift? Wow, this is the bag that I’ve been wanting for months, how did you know that I’ve been eyeing it? You’re the best son ever, you must have saved for a very long time to afford this. Since your father left us, it’s up to you to take care of me and you do an incredible job. You know what else I might like on my birthday? Mommy wants to see that nice big cock you have hidden in your pants. It’s been awhile and my hormones are raging, the older I get the hornier I get! Do my breasts still look ok? They aren’t getting too old and saggy are they? Well, that cock is rock solid so I guess I have my answer. Come give your mommy what she really needs…a couple of intense mind blowing orgasms! I want to feel you finish deep inside of me, I crave your sperm in my wetness. Think you can cum more than once for me? I bet I can make you explode like never before!
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Maggie Green – Erotic Book Makes Mom Horny For You

Maggie Green plays your mother in this virtual sex scene. The video starts with you catching your mom reading 50 Shades of Grey and lightly touching herself. She’s horny and while you promised not to have sex with eachother anymore she can’t resist. She strips and starts enticing you by licking her breasts and touching her pussy. The sex starts with you on top and ends in doggy style until you cum.
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Maggie Green – Make a baby with Mommy

Mommy’s had a hard day at work. I’m so tired from being on my feet bar tending all day and I’m so happy to come home to a nice clean home and have dinner cooked for me! You’re such a great son, you take amazing care of me. So I take care of you too, I am your mother after all. Mmmm please rub Mommy’s shoulders, they ache. You can move your hands down a little bit too…play with my huge breasts and make those nipples hard for me baby. I know how much I turn you on, I am the only one who can make your penis so hard right? Come, lay down with me. No condoms sweetie, I know you don’t want mama to get pregnant but real lovers don’t need condoms, skin on skin is the best. It’s ok, slide your hard cock inside my wetness..doesn’t that feel wonderful? And I’m not going to let you pull out, not this time. I want your sperm deep inside of me, every last drop! Tell me you want to make a baby with Mommy! It’s alright, I want it too! Maybe your huge load will impregnate me with a little sister for you. Wouldn’t you like that?
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