Lovely Lilith – Mother Knows Best

You’ve been an impertinent little pain in the ass. You’ve broken so many rules and ignored your chores. In fact, since you got back from university, you’ve been driving your parents absolutely crazy. You’ve been lazy, and you’ve been behaving in a manner that has really upset your mother. Deciding she has the requirement to produce a gentleman of a son, your mother has taken it upon herself to teach you a lesson. You’re inability to be ready for your father’s fundraiser was the last straw. She’ll take you in your vulnerable state, and leave you begging to be a model citizen. She owns you now.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom Makes You A Porno

Your mother has always been so open about what she does, using flowery terms that do nothing to hide the truth: adult performer, erotic artist, adult entertainment producer. She’s a porn star. A good one, too. She doesn’t do hardcore stuff, though, just POV virtual videos. Here’s the kicker, though: her main role is that of a horny, son-hungry mother. The first time you came across her stuff, you were sort of relieved to know she wasn’t getting it on with a bunch of different dudes, and then you realized that she was talking to the camera as though the viewer were…well…you! Like everyone watching your mother finger herself and fuck a toy was her son. And you admit, you couldn’t help but pull down your boxers and go to town on yourself. It was hot! And the look in her eye…well, it was hard to believe it was all an act. That’s what started it. Soon enough, you were going to her site all the time, buying everything she put out. You even picked up extra shifts at the pizza place in order to pay for it. One day, while browsing her site, you saw a link titled “Custom Vid.” Hmm…a little out of your immediate price range, but the perfect thing to save up for over the summer. Should you feel bad, leading your mother into doing something like this? I mean, maybe, but when opportunity knocks, you don’t shut the door. You answer. Of course, she knocked it out of the park. She wore that outfit you love, and she used the pet names you told her to (all the names she uses for you and your brothers). You made your mother look right into the camera and say everything you always dreamed she’d say. It’s perfect! And, you paid extra to make it exclusive. Within 24 hours of her delivering the custom, you’ve cum countless times. Its insane how much cum your mother can coax from your balls! But, you were careless. You left your laptop at home, open, with the video paused at the mid-point. And she saw it. How did you get a copy? She has to know. Why did you want it? Of course, you can only pretend for so long. You were never very good at lying to her. Besides, you’ve long believed that there is a seed within your mother, something deep and maybe even denied by her, a tiny seed of intense longing…for her son. The way she reacted to your idea for a custom, the picture you sent of your cock so she’d know which toy to use…she loved it. And as you confess to her, her indignation falls away, replaced by tentative arousal. Her hand brushes across her breasts, wanders to the zipper of her jeans as you take the plunge and show your porn star mommy your rock hard cock. It works just as you hope, just as you always dreamed it might. She can’t deny what she wants, what she’s always wanted – what’s made her such a starlet in the world of taboo porn. She wants it, really wants it, and today, she’s finally going to get it: her son’s hard, horny cock, pumping and cumming deep inside her hungry pussy.

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Butt3rflyforu – Blackmailed MILF

You are at my house hanging out with my son while I am throwing a house party. You happen to come out of your room and catch me getting fucked doggystyle in my bedroom by someone else than my own husband!!! You watch for a little while and you are amazed that it’s happening even with my husband two rooms away!!! Suddenly, I make eye contact through the crack in the door and mouth to you to put your phone away!!! But you ignore my demands, and begin video taping me with your phone! The next day rolls around and you see me cleaning up in the kitchen. I tell you that it was a mistake and that it was wrong and shouldn’t have happened!!! You tell me that you want to be that guy, and that you know who the guy was!!! It was my dad!!! And if you don’t do exactly what I say, then you will post that video on social media!!! I tell you that I have known you since you were a small boy and to not do that. But you refuse to listen! So I make you a deal. If you can make me orgasm, then I will call you master , just like I calld your dad last night while fucking him. If you don’t make me orgasm, then you toss the video in the delete category!!! Let’s see who wins this deal!!!

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Butt3rflyforu – It’s Time Honey Mommy Is Ovulating

We are very close since Daddy left us 3 years ago. You just turned 16 and I know you are a virgin. Mommy wants your first experience to be with someone who cares, who loves you…someone who can teach you to be a man, and being a man includes making Mommy pregnant. Mommy wants your baby and now that you just turned 16, she thinks its time for you to learn how to make a baby and to do it with someone who loves you, someone who cares deeply for you. Mommy will teach you what you need to do…you are very fertile being so young and mommy wants your first experience to be special!!! Lay down honey…..let mommy show you ….when you feel your cock swell up and fill with your yummy spunk, mommy wants you to stay deep inside me and cum inside my fertile womb!!!

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Cured My Blue Balls

You come home unexpectedly from your girl friend’s house. I didn’t think you would be home til the morning. I ask you why are you home…you told me that she was being her typical bitchy self and you walked out with blue balls!!! Mommy never understood why you stay with her because she never satisfies you like mommy!!! Mommy can help you and you know that…it’s not the first time mommy has had to relieve your hard erection from her not thinking about my precious boy! Mommy has on your favorite silk robe tonight….”I know how much you love mommy’s big tits too”. “Your girl friend doesn’t have big boobies like these does she?” Come over on your bed darling and let mommy take good care of you! Wow, honey….so erect…I can’t believe she left you like this….You love mommy’s mouth on it don’t you? You know what, we have never let mommy sit on it!! Should I sit on you honey….it’s so stiff and I am so wet …I want to feel you inside me tonight…let you relieve your load right inside of mommy.

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Can’t Resist Your Big Penis

You came home inebriated and could barely stand up..Barely able to stand, hanging on me while your hands keep finding their way all over my body, touching me the way a son shouldn’t touch his mother. And liking it! It’s not right to rub against me like that….I grab your arm and sit you down on the closest piece of furniture…which happened to be my bed. I try to steady you but you are about to topple over! I lean over, my dress hiked up…showing my juicy, plump ass and yummy pussy lips just screaming to be touched…tasted….I pull the covers down so I can lay you down before you fall over….I lay you down on the bed and notice that you have a huge erection!!!! OMG baby! I guess seeing mommy’s bare ass and raw pussy lips just excited you…..I looked at you and before I could commit on your manhood throbbing…you were !!!! I have to admit, seeing your hard cock through your jeans was a huge turn on….I know I am your mother but I didn’t know you were so well endowed….And I am a normal hot milf…you know…craving big penis whenever I can get it..which is rare… I thought….what would it hurt to touch it….just unzip your pants…You were resting….so you would never know…I never knew your penis was so big! I never knew you wanted me….I don’t think I can help myself….I want my son’s big cock!!! I need to feel it in my mouth, honey…Mmm just the thought of sucking my boy’s cock make me feel so good….I can’t resist touching it….feeling it between my legs….I mean…what is the worst that could happen? If he wakes up…he won’t even remember he was so Tipsy! I just want to slip his big cock into my wet pussy…just once…just feel how much he stretches me….he’s sound resting and hard as a rock!!!OH!!! MY!!! I am going to cum all over his young, hard, huge cock!!! And he won’t even remember cumming inside my pussy!! BUT I SURE WILL!!!

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Tara Tainton – My Mother Makes Me Do It While Dads in the Next Room

Your mother… she makes you… Well, she always has. It’s always been this way. Ever since you came of age… “It’s for your own good” she says. You don’t know if it’s what every young man goes through or just… Well, why even think about that? This is your life. Your mother. Your relationship with her. This is what you have to do. You have to commit sexual acts when she demands it of you. For whatever reason she demands. HOWEVER she demands. That’s just the way it is. You’d never think of disappointing her.

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Reya Reign – Impregnating Mommy Virtual Sex And Creampie

Mommy Roleplay, Impregnation Fantasy, Taboo, Virtual Sex
You’re surprised to see mommy in the living room wearing nothing but a bra and panties. You want to look away but you can’t- mommy looks so sexy! She tells you that daddy’s out of town again, and how lonely she’s been. She wonders if you could do her a favor. It’s been so long since mommy’s felt cum inside of her! She wants you to impregnate her. You feel your cock start to harden, you can’t stop it. The thought of fucking mommy then releasing your seed deep inside of her makes you horny. She takes her bra off and squeezes her big tits together, asking you to suck on them. After tasting her nipples, she takes off her panties and gets into doggy position on the couch. She wants you to slide your cock inside of her and you gladly oblige. Mommy’s ass slaps against your hips as she takes you deep inside. You sit on the couch and mommy mounts you, her big tits bouncing as she rides you. After she cums, she turns around and rides you from behind. She begs you to impregnate her as her ass bounces up and down on your cock. Wanting nothing more than to shoot your seed deep into her womb, you explode inside mommy’s pussy and watch as your massive load drips out.

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Tara Tainton – Of Course I Have Time for My Boy Before Going into Work

Of course you can have a quickie before I’m off to work, my darling son! You know the house rules: anything goes! I love taking care of BOTH of my boys. And aren’t you lucky to grow up in a household that’s so free and natural about sex? Of course I’m here for you when you’ve got your poor wrist in a cast as well! How are you even going to cope without me all day?? How about a nice, handjob, honey? I can do that special thing you love, and if your father will just let us alone for a bit, we can take our time and…. oh, no!!! I can’t believe he interrupted and ruined your orgasm!! My poor boy! Okay, I still have enough time to take care of you. I’ll just get out of these work clothes and sit on your cock and bounce you to orgasm! Does that sound nice, darling?

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Andi James – Auntie Jerks You Off And Sucks Your Cock

Auntie Andi is ready for a night on the town in her new dress, but you immediately pointed out her lack of a bra underneath – you can just make out her nipples poking through the dress. After telling her you’ve never gotten a blowjob, and her seeing that bulge in your pants, she just can’t help herself as she gets on her knees to stroke it a bit before “having a little taste” in her mouth. She’s getting worked up sucking your cock, and has to get her huge natural tits out and rub her furry pussy for you, while she watches you stroke that big hard cock for her.

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