Nikki Brooks – Satisfying Mommy

Scene 1: Show Me Your Dick
Scene 2: Blowing Off Homework
Scene 3: Don’t Wake Up Daddy

Scene One: Show Me Your Dick
Mom is sitting on the foot of the bed. You are about five feet away. She is wearing a bathrobe with nothing underneath. She starts talking, “Hey baby, how was school today? Good, I’m so proud of you. Would you like to have some fun today? Good, take out your dick for Mommy. No, don’t pull your pants down. Just unzip them and show Mommy your little dick. That’s it, ooh it’s already hard! You must want to have some fun with Mommy today. Now I want you to start playing with it like Mommy does. That’s it, just like that. Oh, you’re so hard! Mommy likes it when your little dick gets so big and hard.” She gets a glazed look on her face and starts breathing heavily while continuing to play with herself. She continues to whisper stuff like, “Yes, yes. Oh that’s it. Oh yes.” While masturbating. She lets out a cry and falls back on the bed. The camera moves forwards and she looks directly into the camera and says, “Do it, fuck Mommy now! Fuck Mommy with your hard little dick.” She is then fucked by her son to orgasm while playing with her boobs, letting out a little cry when she comes and then smiles.

Scene Two: Blowing Off Homework
Mom is lying on a couch, again wearing nothing but a bathrobe. You are well across the room. Mom looks at her son and wiggles her finger indicating for him to come closer. You stop doing your homework and walk over to Mom. She says, “I want you to do something for me. Open my robe.” You look her up and down. She has a slight smile. She says give me your hand and guides it to between her legs. Nikki closes her eyes and your hand to play with her pussy. She has her mouth slightly open and breathes short quick, breaths. This continues until she comes with a slight cry. She then slowly opens her eyes and gives a sexy satisfied smile. She says, “That was great sweetie, here I want you to do something else for me.” She then unzips your pants and climbs on top of you. She says, “Now fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy with your dick!” She keeps telling you to, “Fuck me, fuck your Mommy with your dick, I want your hot come up in me.” That kind of thing. When she comes, make the orgasm scene long, a good 30 seconds. After she rests for a while, she looks at you and says, “That was so good, you make me feel so good, Mommy loves you so much.” and she kisses you and tell you to finish your homework.

Scene Three: Don’t Wake Up Daddy
Mom is undercover asleep in bed. The lights are out but the bedsides lamp is on. Dad is asleep beside her on the other side of the bed. You begin to feel up Mom while she is sleeping. Her eyes snap open with a start but she instantly relaxes and smiles when she sees you. She puts a finger to her lips for silence and rolls on her back, you pull back her blanket exposing her. She is wearing a pajama top and panties. She unbuttons her top and exposes her breasts and pulls off her panties. She reaches between her legs, she spreads her pussy lips with one had and plays with clit with another. Smiling she looks directly at you and masturbates to orgasm. When she comes she convulses, clamps one hand over her mouth, and goes into the fetal position for a moment. She then looks at her son and gives him and evil smile and has him stand by the bed. She then gives you a blowjob. She then guides you cock into her pussy and tell you to “quietly fuck Mommy hard!” When you cum, she she smiles up at you, again puts a finger to her lips and then points to the door for him to leave.


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Download file – 1.2 GB