Penny Hume – Mom’s Sabotage – Mom Wants Son All To Herself

Son, we’ve drifted apart and it’s been killing me! Ever since you met that bitch girlfriend of yours… she stole you from me. So I had to take measures into my own hands… a deceptive little trick to make you break up with her and come home to me! Now you’re here and I’m comforting you. I know breakups hurt real bad… but as your Mother, I have the tools to heal your pain. I want you to move back in with me, rent free. I’ll cook, clean, and take care of your every need. Doesn’t that sound good? Yes, I said EVERY need.

I know you don’t like thinking about the past, but you have to admit, it was pretty nice, wasn’t it? Watching me undress in front of you… cuddling a little too close on the couch, rubbing up against each other. Remember when you came into my room and spooned me in bed, ramming me with that hard throbbing cock of yours? Then you discretely pulled my panties to the side and slipped it in…

I think you need more of that special kind of healing. So just close your eyes and give into your Mother’s beautiful curvy body. Let your mommy take care of you only the way a Good Mother knows how. See? There’s no need for a stupid girlfriend when you’ve got mom!


Download file – 331.4 MB
Download file – 331.4 MB