Meana Wolf – Mommy Can

My little man is growing up so fast. Lately he’s been so distant…I think he might have a girlfriend. He’s always up in his room texting with her. It’s driving me nuts. I hate the thought of him falling in love with some dumb little tramp. He needs a woman with experience…

I woman who knows how to take care of him…Nobody knows him like I do. He’s my special little boy. He’s my…he’s mine. He belongs to me. And he shouldn’t be thinking about some dumb little highschool bitch. He needs to know that no woman can be better than mommy…that no woman can do what mommy can do. Mommy knows what’s best for him…I’ll show him. And when I do he’ll be all mine. I’ll make him so crazy for me that he’ll never think about another girl ever agin. Because nobody fucks like mommy. And when he slides his young cock inside of me he will be mine forever.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Mommy interrupts you while you’re having an argument with your girlfriend over text. When she grazes her hands over your cock through your pj’s…you forget all about that little bitch. Your girlfriend continues to text you while mummy starts sucking and stroking your cock. Your girlfriend is nowhere near as hot as your mom and she would never fuck you like this. Your GF gets mad and calls you a “Momma’s boy”. You shoot the biggest load of your life right inside your mommy’s pussy and watch as it spills out. Nothing compares to mummy.


Download file – 787.4 MB
Download file – 787.4 MB